125 Service Award

As part of Ouachita’s 125th anniversary celebration, and in keeping with the great spirit of volunteerism at our university, the Elrod Center for Family and Community will be promoting The Presidential Service Award for the year 2011. This award will be presented by President Rex Horne to each student, faculty and staff member who serves a minimum of 125 hours during the time period of January 1, 2011 through December 9, 2011.

To qualify for the award, a student must be enrolled in TranServe in both the spring and fall semesters of 2011 and volunteer a minimum of 125 hours for the calendar year. TranServe is a program of the Elrod Center that records volunteer hours on the OBU transcript. Volunteer hours will include service performed during the spring semester, summer and fall semester of 2011.

Faculty and staff members will be expected to keep an accurate log of their volunteer hours and submit a summary report to the Elrod Center in order to qualify for the award.

This is a unique award connected to Ouachita’s 125th anniversary! It will make a wonderful keepsake and provide recipients a personal reminder of how they gave thanks during 2011 by serving others.

For more information, contact Ian Cosh at coshi@obu.edu or Judy Duvall at duvallj@obu.edu.