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HHMI Frequently Asked Questions

Learn what our current students are saying about the PHAGES lab.

Who can participate in the PHAGES lab? 

All students planning to graduate with a Biology or Chemistry degree from Ouachita Baptist University, including pre-health professions students, are eligible to participate.

How will this lab benefit me if I participate?

HHMI PHAGES students will conduct real research, gaining invaluable laboratory, critical thinking and communication skills.  Additionally, participating students are well prepared for introductory and upper level Biology courses.

What will I do while enrolled in this lab?

Students will isolate bacteriophages from the environment, purify their DNA, and prepare the isolated DNA samples for sequence analysis.

How will this enrollment in this lab affect my course schedule?

The PHAGES laboratory meets Monday and Thursday afternoons from 1 to 4p in the fall semester.

How many credit hours will I earn as a student in this program?

Students will earn 5 credit hours for the zoology lecture and the PHAGES laboratory in the fall semester.

Will this experience count for credit toward graduation?

Yes.  Students who enroll in the PHAGES labwill receive credit that will count toward both the Biology major and toward graduation.

Will there be an additional cost for this lab?

No, this laboratory will have the same lab fees as other Biology laboratories.

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