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4-Year Experience

The Four-Year Experience, initiated in Fall 2006, is designed to build academic and personal experiences through a year-by-year program. Each year (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior) has specific curricular objectives and other activities. In particular the four-year experience includes off-campus experiences designed to incorporate professional, cultural, and fun activities.

The Four-Year Experience includes the following elements:
  • FLEX (Freshmen Leadership Experience)
  • First- Friday Speaker Series
  • Travel Experiences
  • Hickingbotham School of Business Day and Luncheon
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Planning and Professional Development
  • Free One-Year Subscription to Business Week

Goals and Objectives


  • Interact with business school faculty
  • Develop communication and technology skills
  • Meet successful business professionals
  • Engage in teamwork, leadership and confidence building activities
  • Survey the basic concepts and topics related to economics and business
  • Participate in sophomore experience and trip


  • Examine accounting and financial analysis
  • Study basic economic concepts and issues
  • Explore personal financial planning
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Engage in applied business decision-making
  • Participate in sophomore experience and trip


  •  Examine the legal, social, and ethical business environment
  • Create a global business awareness
  • Begin business core / professional studies
  • Enhance interpersonal and social skills
  • Participate in junior experience


  • Launch job search
  • Integrate the core competencies and practices
  • Practice teamwork and leadership-building
  • Engage in business simulation model/competition
  • Complete professional studies (major/emphasis)
  • Participate in senior trip

Next Steps