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Business Administration – Management

The Business Management program at Ouachita Baptist University is designed to prepare you for successful management and leadership roles. In addition to a broad business education, the Management emphasis provides you with a targeted course of study in management theory and principles, including entrepreneurship and human resources.

In addition to the University Core Requirements, Basic School Requirements, Foreign Language and Business Core Requirements, the OBU bachelor’s degree in Business Management requires the following courses:


  • Small Business Management
    The nature of entrepreneurship and the role of the small business in U.S. history and the contemporary economy. Focus on the process of creating new business ventures and managing small businesses.


  • Human Resources Management
    Determination of personnel requirements, recruitment of needed employees, testing and training methods, supervision, compensation and benefits, introduction to labor relations, and legal matters.


  • Business Leadership: A Biographical Approach
    The study of theories and practices used by leaders toward the achievement of their goals. Primary topics include (1) synergetic thinking and methods, (2) organizational culture, and (3) persuasion of others via both automatic and effortful cognitive processes.

Why OBU?
If you are considering management programs and would like to earn your degree from an accredited business school in Arkansas, OBU offers you the opportunity to study the disciplines of business in a strong Christian environment. We're the only private school in Arkansas accredited by AACSB.

There are many Christian colleges in Arkansas from which to choose, but few offer the management programs we do! We invite you to fill out the form on the Contact Us page. You may also call Ouachita Baptist University at 1-800-DIAL-OBU to speak with one of our representatives.

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