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CM Trips FAQ

Where do you go on trips?
Each year we evaluate locations where we think students will have a healthy ministry experience and where we think our work will complement the long-term work. Spring break trips tend to be within the U.S. (Anaheim, New Orleans, New York, etc.) and summer trips tend to be international (Africa, Asia, South America). 

How and when do I apply?
Information about upcoming trips and deadlines will be communicated through your campus email.

Are deposits refundable?
If you cancel, we will try to refund the deposit if it has not already been used to secure expenses for your spot on the trip. For our trips with limited spots, if you are not selected to go, we will refund the deposit completely.

Are there any additional costs?
For international trips, each student is responsible for his or her passport fee and vaccinations, as those vary from student to student. If visa fees are needed, that will be included in the cost of the trip. Most meals are covered, and students sometimes bring extra money for snacks and souvenirs.

I've never been on a trip like this before. Can I go?
Absolutely! Our trips are often designed for students who have never traveled. You will be trained and supported all along the way. An OBU staff member will lead each trip.

How do you handle fundraising?
For international trips, Campus Ministries provides materials for two fundraising mailouts (envelopes, return envelopes, letterhead & brochures). For national trips, we organize one small fundraising event, but the bulk of the cost for spring break  trips is expected to be paid or raised by the students. If individual students want to send fundraising letters, we will help with those donations.

Teams are always welcome to organize their own fundraisers and we will help as much as possible. Gifts donated to trips are considered gifts to OBU for the team and are not refundable.

Who leads these trips?
CM trips are planned by Ouachita staff members, and led either by a staff member or experienced student. They are coordinated with established and trustworthy partners. Campus Ministries has planned trips for decades and has an excellent track record of purposeful, organized trips. For international trips, we communicate with family members both before and during the trip.

Are trip participants insured?
We coordinate an insurance policy for international trips with Gallagher Charitable that covers a number of relevant liabilities. We share the specific coverage with trip participants as part of training.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact the CM office.

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