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Camp Recruiting

Staff Recruiting for Camps

Christian Camps may recruit on-campus for staff. Because of the significant number of camps recruiting each year, we have some guidelines in place to keep the process fair. We are not able to make announcements for camps in chapel, at Refuge, or in classes. If your visit is approved, Student Life will include your camp's recruitment in an email to all students the week of your visit.


Camps can set up a display table in the student center, where there is a lot of foot traffic (the busiest times are generally from about 10am-2pm). Please select the day you are requesting to be in the student center. Please no requests to be on campus before October.
Most camps are on campus for only one day. We recommend no longer than two days on campus in a single visit.
If you have any additional requests, please note them here. Remember that we do not make camp announcements in chapel or at Refuge.

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