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MST 2017 Ministry Team Options

Below you will find a brief description of the ministry team options available for the 2017 Mission Study Trip.

Teams must be limited to five individuals, including professor, primarily because of vehicle size.

Team 1: Seminary and Local Church

SEMINARY: Since seminary would still be in session, we would have the students interact with their counterparts on campus. Most likely, a few of the team members would be asked to share a testimony in chapel that week. Also, we would like to partner some of our national partners (especially students) with these students for mutual fellowship and encouragement, as well as evangelism.

LOCAL CHURCHES: Local churches have a variety of activities going at all times. Many of our local Baptist churches work with Compassion and have daily activities with 100+ children/teens and many adults. So, there are a ton of opportunities to teach, share, encourage, etc. with the Compassion churches.

UNREACHED: We have some UPGs in our area and representatives from UUPGs that live in our city. We would seek to partner with local believers, students and church members, for outreach and evangelism.

MISC.: Depending on the gifting and desires of the students and professor, there may be some more formal teaching opportunities at the seminary or formal and informal teaching opportunities at some local churches. Jeff will need to approve teaching opportunities so they fit into the context and curriculum.

Team 2:  Adventure Tourism-A

TOURS: Share Jesus in small villages. Not for the faint of body! Be up for eating rice and fish, walking around in hot weather, and sleeping on the floor on a mat in a very simple house with no air conditioning, usually no fan.

ADVENTURE: Part of the trip you will be in town and will have some fun (like Scuba Diving at the beach, going out to the goat farm, maybe a waterfall or cave).

Team 3: Adventure Tourism-B

TOURS: Come tour villages on the island with the purpose of praying over areas, meeting with people and sharing the Gospel. We will have our partners/translators who will act as the team’s guides during the trip.

Our tours go into the village, which can be a very “roughing it” experience. Lots of walking, sitting on hard surfaces, using “squatty potties”, sleeping in hammocks/sleeping bags, eating local food and lots of fun. Your purpose is to connect with the locals and boldly share Jesus when there is opportunity. Teams must participate in pre-trip training that covers evangelism, culture, what to expect, and a clear definition of the team’s task.

ADVENTURE: Your trip will include an adventure activity like snorkeling, spearfishing, trekking, or surfing.

Team 4: Mercy, Marriage and Family Enrichment

MERCY MISSION: You will have the opportunity to experience life on the frontier. We will go into villages and meet with the villagers. We will be intentional to share the gospel while making friends and experiencing the local culture. We use ceramic water filters to gain access to the large Muslim UPG. 

 MARRIAGE & FAMILY ENRICHMENT: Life on the frontier can be lonely and discouraging for the Christian workers who have moved here. The national church planters would benefit from a marriage seminar. We will also have the opportunity to spend time with Christian middle and high school youth. Although the youth in this areas do not deal with all of the same things in America, many of the struggles youth face are universal. Playing games and providing biblical teaching would be awesome.

Team 5: Coffee Entrepreneurship

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: We have a budding coffee business. By the time you arrive we hope to have incorporated the enterprise. Even if that is incomplete, I believe we can get students up into coffee country, an eight-hour car trip into the mountains, where the best coffee it he country is grown, to speak to local farmers. We could use business-minded, forward-thinking people to advise us about the business.

Team 6: The Freedom House

SOCIAL JUSTICE: This is a home for women rescued out of sex trafficking. Must be an all-female team.

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