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Adopt a Special Friend

The Elrod Center partners with the Human Development Center of Arkadelphia to meet the needs of people in our community who have intellectual disabilities.

With “Adopt a Special Friend” you can become a support system for someone in the Arkadelphia Human Development Center by visiting them weekly, sending them mail and making them smile. Your personal interaction can help them develop communication and social learning that they could not get any other way.

There are always many other ways that you can volunteer at the Human Development Center:

  • Recreational events and theme nights
  • Administrative work
  • Lifeguard
  • Grounds Work
  • Medical
  • Horseback Riding
  • Working in training areas with clients

For more information contact:
Judy Duvall, director of the Elrod Center
duvallj@obu.edu // (870) 245-5320

Deborah Wilson, HDC volunteer program coordinator
deborah.wilson@dhs.arkansas.gov // 870-246-8011 ext 297

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