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Foster Grandparents

Foster Grandparent Program volunteers work with other professionals to provide children a better chance to learn, grow, gain confidence and reach toward their potential as productive members of the community. In return, the volunteers benefit physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Men and women ages 55 and older are invited to participate as foster grandparent volunteers to serve at-risk children and youth one-on-one to help them achieve a healthier future – academically, physically and emotionally. Ouachita's program includes approximately 75 volunteers serving more than 500 children in 10 schools, five Head Start programs, four schools for disabled children, one after school program and five pre-school programs. Its service area covers Arkadelphia, Malvern, Hot Springs, Amity, Sparkman, Gurdon and Prescott.

Volunteers with limited income are eligible to receive a small hourly stipend and mileage reimbursement for their services. The stipend is not taxed or reported as income, nor does it affect eligibility for other benefits. Those who exceed income guidelines may volunteer without reimbursement for any number of hours desired. Stipend eligibility is reassessed annually.

Volunteer Requirements

  • 15-25 hours per week
  • Desire to help children with special needs
  • No criminal background
  • Willingness to work under supervision

Benefits to Volunteers

  • Something worthwhile to do
  • Non-taxable stipend & travel reimbursement (for eligible volunteers)
  • Continued job training
  • Free daily meal
  • Annual physical
  • Secondary accident insurance
  • Improved health
  • Satisfaction and fun!

For more information
Donna Reynolds
Director, OBU Foster Grandparent Program

reynoldsd@obu.edu // (870) 245-5195

Natalie West
Administrative assistant

OBU Foster Grandparent Program
410 Ouachita Street, OBU Box 3661
Arkadelphia, AR  71998 


More about the Foster Grandparent Program

Senior Corps  FGP-logo

The Foster Grandparent Program began as a nation-wide initiative in 1965, and Ouachita's program began in 1980. The OBU program is one of seven in the state of Arkansas and one of more than 300 across the U.S. Known as "Senior Corps" members of the Corporation for National Service, foster grandparents are now included in the President's "Freedom Corps," inaugurated after 9/11.


Watch a brief video about the impact foster grandparents have nationwide.

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