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Tiger Serve Day Leadership Team

TSD spring 2020 leadership team

SPRING 2021 Tiger Serve Day
Leadership Team

The publicity team is in charge of getting the word out about Tiger Serve Day. They manage the website, create posters and t-shirts and handle all the media behind the day. The team includes:

  • Chair-Raegan Greer
  • Abby Blankenship
  • MacKenzie Hall
  • Tehya Hinkson
  • Luke Roberson
  • Julia Shands

The “teams” team manages registration and organization of all the Tiger Serve Day teams. As people sign up, they connect each group to the perfect project based on the size and personality of the team. The team includes:

  • Chair - Ali Chapman
  • Jacob Brown
  • Emma Bynum
  • Hannah Rossell

The projects team organizes the various service opportunities. They visit those in the community, help them register specific projects and find new ways for the Ouachita community to serve. The team includes:

  • Chair - Madeline Knight
  • Isabella Bejarano
  • Kelsey Bester
  • Fallon Carder
  • Taylor Fielder
  • Katelyn Harris
  • Josh Howington
  • Hannah Martin
  • Hannah Rossell
  • Noah Sanders
  • Kallen Smith
  • Caleb West
  • Kayla Whittington

The logistics team manages the nitty-gritty details behind Tiger Serve Day. Specifically, they get the tools needed for each project, help manage sponsorships, visit projects and handle all the other details most people overlook but would be lost without. The team includes:

  • Chair - Will Guerra
  • Cabb Batson
  • Wes Guerra
  • Able Kusaloka
  • Barrett Malone
  • João Pedro Rodrigues
  • Taylor Savage
  • Ryan Thompson
  • Wade Wilson

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