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Officers in Alpha Tau

2017-2018 Officers

Co-Chairs: Are responsible for managing all the social events for Alpha Tau, and the academic development of the program. They plan events like Scholars Day and Spring Swing.
  • Academic Co-Chair- Seth Daniell
  • Social Co-Chair- Cole Jester
  • Ambassador Co-Chair - Mary Grace Hill

Treasurer: Responsible for managing the funds of Alpha Tau, as well as maintaining Alpha Tau’s bank account, and being responsible for the debit card/checks for the account. He/She will also oversee fundraising efforts with the committee and coordinator.

  • Addison Bostian

Secretary: In charge of keeping minutes at Honors meetings and doing his/her part to help out in any Alpha Tau event. He/She also play a large part in the generation and organization of the Scholar’s Day schedule.

  • Jessica Cook

Historian: In charge of organizing past and present information about the Honors program, including membership numbers, events, and photos.

  • Morgan Howard

Fundraising Coordinator: Works closely with the Social Co-Chair and Treasurer in helping plan fundraising events and coming up with ideas for other fundraisers. He/She is also the head of the Fundraising Committee.

  • Kaitlyn Thomas

Community Coordinator: Primarily responsible for helping out with Spring Swing and managing the creation of Tiger Serve Day teams. This officer will also be responsible for coming up with new philanthropy for Alpha Tau to be involved in. He/She will also be the head of the Community Committee.

  • Kristina Beall

Public Relations Coordinator: Responsible for generating all graphic media and is in charge of control of the society’s social media.

  • Carrie Hill
  • Hannah Perkins

Chaplain: Helps to keep the spiritual needs of the organization in mind and prays at all events. He/She is also there for members of the organization needing spiritual guidance.

  • Krystal Parker
  • Ashley Sharpe

Black and White Coordinator: Primarily in charge of planning our annual event “Black and White.” He/She works closely with other officers to delegate tasks for the event.

  • Cole Jester

Spring Theme Coordinator: Primarily in charge of planning our annual event “Spring Theme.” He/She works closely with other officers to delegate tasks for the event.

  • Currently organized by the Spring Theme Seminars

Ambassadors: There will be two or more ambassadors for each school of study. They will work closely with the Social Co-Chair to involve students from their school of study in Honors events. Ambassadors will also be in charge of planning meetings throughout the semester with students from their school of study. Students will direct questions related to their school of study to the Ambassadors.

Christian Studies

  • Hope Wakeling
  • Krystal Parker


  • Victoria Anderson
  • Morgan Howard

Social Science

  • Julie Williams
  • Megan Harris

Fine Arts

  • Rylee Roberts
  • Megan Woodard


  • Abby Richett
  • Mattie Couch

Natural Science

  • Victoria Lackey
  • Catie Shirley
  • Duel Cunningham
  • Kaylie Roberts


  • Evan Nelson
  • John-Thomas Ryan

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