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Senior Thesis

The Honors Thesis is the culmination of the Honors Program and, for many students, the most significant single academic endeavor of their college career. Students complete the four-credit-hour thesis project over at least two semesters, usually their last two semesters before graduation. Students work closely with a thesis committee to plan and conduct the thesis project. The thesis topic and academic credit can be in one’s major or another area of study and must include some original research or scholarly contribution. In addition to allowing students to pursue individual academic interests, the thesis project is excellent preparation for students planning to pursue graduate studies.


If the student does not meet the deadline for the final draft of the thesis, an automatic "Incomplete" will be issued for a grade. Theses that are submitted on time will be graded satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The minimum credit standard will be a grade of B.


The students whose theses are approved will be expected to present the results of their research at an Honors Colloquium or Scholars Day.

Form Matters

The guide for bibliographic and footnote entries and other matters of form shall be appropriate to the discipline and be specified by the committee.

The official cover page may be obtained from the Honors Program Director or from the Form Downloads section of this website.

Because of the variety in the nature of the projects, it is impossible to set a minimum page requirement for all theses. It is perfectly within the prerogative, however, for the Thesis Committee to set a minimum page requirement for their projects.


Questions? Please direct to Dr. Barbara Pemberton, BBB 101, 245-5541, pembertonb@obu.edu.

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