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Online Undergraduate Programs

Ouachita offers several fully-accredited undergraduate online degree programs that extend Ouachita's reach to meet the needs of the variety of learners who cannot attend class on our residential campus. Balancing Ouachita's longstanding tradition of excellence in higher education with continued innovation, online students experience the same Ouachita culture emphasizing love of God and love of learning as on-campus students. Students from any background or in any stage of life can pursue their educational and vocational goals thanks to the flexibility and affordability of Ouachita online. Let our admissions team show you how Ouachita’s online programs can be a fit for your busy life.

See graduate online degree programs at obu.edu/gps.



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Online Classes

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"Ouachita Online is a fantastic program for busy professionals. After nearly 20 years of being away from Ouachita, I found the same level of care and instruction from the online faculty that I experienced during my time on campus. I would recommend any former student who hasn't completed their course of study to consider Ouachita Online. It's a challenging, engaging and rewarding experience; and I'm glad that it's part of my story."

Bryant AdamsBryant Adams
2020 interdisciplinary studies graduate

Fully online Undergraduate PROGRAMS

Bachelor of Arts degree

  • Fully online
  • 120 credit hours
  • $350/credit hour

Learn more at obu.edu/christianstudies/online.

*An A.A. in Christian Studies is also available, requiring 61 credit hours total.

Bachelor of Arts degree

  • Fully online
  • 120 credit hours
  • $350/credit hour
  • Degree completion program

Learn more at obu.edu/interdisciplinary-studies.

Bachelor of Arts degree

  • Fully online
  • 120 credit hours
  • $350/credit hour
  • Degree completion program

Learn more at obu.edu/organizationalleadership.

Bachelor of Science degree

  • Fully online
  • 30 credit hours (9-12 months)
  • $275/credit hour (estimated cost and fees for 30-hour program is $8,250)

Learn more at obu.edu/rn-to-bsn.

Ouachita also offers several graduate degrees in online or hybrid formats. Learn more about those options at obu.edu/gps.

Program Details

Academic accreditation plays a vital role in maintaining and strengthening quality academic standards for institutions of higher learning, whether the mode of delivery is traditional or online.

Ouachita Baptist University first was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities in 1927 and has held continuous accreditation since 1953. Ouachita’s Higher Learning Commission accreditation most recently was reaffirmed in 2011. The university received accreditation for its online programs in 2014.

Additionally, Ouachita is an Approved Institution of the National Council of State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) and is an Institutional Member of the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), both of which support the academic endeavors of Ouachita Online.


Membership seal
Membership Seal


Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604

Ouachita Online's academic school year consists of five terms: fall 1, fall 2, spring 1, spring 2, and summer. These terms are all eight weeks in length. During the summer and winter, the university also provides mini-terms which are three weeks in length.

See the full academic calendar

View the financial aid and cost information for Ouachita Online students from our financial aid office.

ouachita online financial aid & costs

The foundation of our philosophy of ministry and education is based upon the conviction that a student’s relationship to God is primary and that growth in maturity in Christ is a central goal of our endeavors for students enrolled in online classes at Ouachita.

God’s will

Our hope is that as you learn to love God with your mind, you will come to appreciate that in following your call to be a student you are indeed following God’s will for your life.  The work you do online to prepare yourself for the future is a worthy endeavor and one that will bring great joy and satisfaction to you.  We want you to be persuaded that participation in curricular and extra-curricular activities will provide growth in a multitude of dimensions so essential to becoming a strong well-balanced person.

In helping you to cultivate a life of the mind, we want to open you to the freedom that is found in seeking to grow in your capacity to understand the will of God in a full-orbed fashion.  Spiritual growth and sanctification are realized as a mind is made strong by scholarly practices.  The process of your online education will bring with it the realization that ignorance and fear can best be banished through the discovery of truth and the power of love.


Because all truth is God’s truth, we are compelled to look for truth wherever it may be found, which includes truth regarding our relationships, our health, our thinking and our behavior.  The truth of human finitude is also important to affirm.  The idea that I am a finite being created in the image of God working with other finite beings made in God’s image compels me to treat them with dignity and view my own insights and understanding in humility.  The basis for building fellowship and community is strengthened by the full acceptance of the fact that I am a dependent creature capable of giving and receiving wisdom and understanding.

A holistic view of ministry causes us to appreciate that maintaining healthy relationship with others as a vital witness before others which also applies to an online community.   A full acceptance of our humanity under the Lordship of Christ causes us to seek excellence in our work and that of others, while accepting and allowing for human frailty and failure in light of God’s grace.


Regular Bible study, prayer, fellowship and the practice of faith in a practical demonstration of love is the basis of personal discipline and practice. Our hope is that you will feel truly connected.

View the faculty and staff dedicated to your online education and experience.

ouachita online faculty & staff

Getting Started with Ouachita Online — New to Ouachita Online? We’ll walk you through the steps to get your semester up and running.

Online Degree Summaries – Show the overview and course requirements for each Ouachita Online program.

Ouachita Online Academic Catalogs – Access the full academic catalog for Ouachita Online here.

INFO – your one-stop portal for viewing personal records, including grades and transcripts, completing financial processes, accessing course schedules, degree plans and other essential information.

Moodle – Moodle is the campus learning management system where you will access and complete your online courses. A Course Navigation video, Student FAQ, and quick links are available in every course. Look for the purple menu at the top of each page for additional information.

Virtual Bookstore – Textbooks can be looked up and ordered completely online.

Library – Riley-Hickingbotham Library serves Ouachita and the community as a learning center, supporting the educational process with varied types of media.

Speer Writing Center – Our philosophy: we aim to make better writers, not simply better pieces of writing!

IT Services – IT Services provides University faculty, staff, and students with technological resources and support to assist with their teaching, research and administrative tasks.

Office of the Registrar – The Registrar supports the instructional and student progress endeavors of the university by providing quality services to students, faculty, administration and the public.

Counseling Services – Counseling services are available during spring and fall semesters (excluding semester breaks) to help Ouachita students with a wide range of mental health challenges – from test anxiety and dealing with stress to grieving the loss of a loved one or depression, among others.

Career & Calling – Are you searching for a career, internship, job or needing to spruce up your resume? Let Ouachita Career & Calling help!

Multicultural Student Programs – MSP provides support for students of color through academic initiatives, cultural enrichment programs, student organization, and connecting students to the alumni network.

Academic Success & Integrity - Ouachita is committed to the academic success of every student as well as maintaining standards of academic integrity.

Academic Success Center for Online Students

Course Schedule

Tiger Handbook

Sutton Center for Integrity

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