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Psychology: B.A. (Online)

Learning how to understand and interact with people will help you on the road ahead, regardless of the career path you choose. Ouachita’s Bachelor of Arts degree program in psychology explores how people think and behave, then equips you to apply the insights you gain to a limitless variety of careers.

Beginning in Fall 2023, the high quality, rigor and individualized approach that distinguish our residential B.A. program will be accessible online. Whether you’re pursuing your first degree or second, whether you want to know how psychology intersects with your current career or could help you move into a different field altogether, our online B.A. degree program in psychology will prepare you for impactful work in whatever career you choose.

If you want to pursue your psychology degree while engaging fully in Ouachita’s student-focused campus culture, learn about our residential Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs.

Applied Behavior Analysis







Social Work

Human Development

Social Psychology

Behavior Analysis

Abnormal Psychology

Health Psychology


Forensic Psychology

View the Ouachita catalog for a full course listing with course descriptions.

Our fully online B.A. program in psychology provides a flexible, asynchronous learning option with the freedom to pursue your degree while working full time.

View the detailed degree requirements PDF to see all courses included in the program.

Learn about the Department of Psychology in Ouachita’s W.H. Sutton School of Social Sciences.



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One of Ouachita's Six Online Undergrad Programs

"Psychology as a major has one of the broadest reaches in terms of employment opportunities, because every career can benefit from a psychology degree. We’re investing the same individualized care and planning into each student in our online program as we do with residential psychology students – we want all of our graduates to begin their careers with confidence in the strong educational foundation they receive at Ouachita."

Allyson Phillips headshotAllyson Phillips, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

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Integrate science and faith

Ouachita is a Christ-centered learning community embracing the liberal arts tradition. We want to foster a love of God and a love of learning in all our students – residential and online. Your coursework will challenge you to grow academically and spiritually by integrating standard evidence-based research and faith, examining science from a Christian worldview in Arkansas’ first online, faith-based B.A. program in psychology.

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Multiply your career options

Workforce demand for employees who understand mental health and human behavior has long been on the rise. At the same time, there’s generally a greater awareness of what psychology is and how it can be used to help people. This means career opportunities for psychology majors have increased exponentially. No matter what sector of the job market you’re interested in, you’ll find psychology degree-holders working there.

Allyson Phillips with student

Connect with instructors

Our well-published faculty are committed to your success. Even though you’re not on campus, they’ll make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to stretch yourself academically. They’ll involve you in their grant-funded research projects – several of which team you up with career psychologists around the country – and help you find projects or publish papers of your own. Read about them here.


There are lots of ways to get here.

All of them put you on the path to a great education.

You could be a traditional student who prefers virtual learning, or a mom returning to the workforce after a break. You’re starting a degree, or maybe finishing one. You’ve always wanted to help people, or wanted to know what makes them tick. You might be laser-focused on a career in law or law enforcement. Or maybe you’ve found your calling after being captivated by a true-crime podcast. And maybe you know nothing for sure – only that you’re interested in the fascinating, widely-applicable field of psychology. Whatever brings you here, our fully online B.A. degree program in psychology is a smart next step toward a life of meaningful work.

W.H. Sutton SCHOOL OF Social Sciences

The Sutton School of Social Sciences offers in-depth study in the fields of criminal justice, history, political science, psychology, public history, social justice studies and sociology. Our faculty encourage our students to become enlightened, engaged citizens who embrace an ethic of service to God and humanity.


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