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University Apartments Housing Contract

Terms and Conditions of Contract

  1. The occupant agrees to live in the above residence for the entire semester and he or she may not be released from the contract except when a cancellation in writing is given to the Student Services office before June 1, or December 1, in advance of the forthcoming registration day.
  2. Should the occupant move, withdraw or be dismissed from the university during the semester, the housing deposit will be forfeited. If the occupant does not plan to live in the residence the following semester, he/she shall give 30 days advance notice.
  3. The university reserves the right to make all apartment assignments. A student may not move into or out of an apartment without specific written permission from the Student Services office. Anyone making such an apartment change without authorization will be assessed a charge of $100.00.
  4. The tenant agrees to comply with the following regulations, and understands that violations may result in eviction, fines, or loss of deposit:
    1. All cars are to be registered. University personnel will issue citations to those violating parking regulations at the apartment units.
    2. No pets of any type other than aquarium fish are allowed. A pet violation fee of $200 per resident will be charged any time a pet is seen in the apartment. It is also considered a violation to leave food/water inside or outside the apartment for neighborhood strays. The pet violation fee may be repeated if the pet is not removed after the first warning.
    3. No apartment is to be painted or altered in any way without permission from the Student Services office.
    4. Furnishings are not to be moved unless it is done by the staff of Facilities Management after permission is granted by the Student Services office.
    5. Tenants should keep the premises around their residence neat at all times. Personal property should not clutter the appearance. Tenants are also responsible for keeping the apartment neat and clean to prevent rodents and insects from infesting the apartment complex. All trash must be placed in the dumpster immediately.
    6. Unmarried occupants of Ouachita Apartment Housing may have opposite sex guests only between the hours of 10:00am and 12:00am, with the exception of immediate family members, in which case tenants are to report such visits in advance to the apartment manager. Apartment managers and residents are expected to report infractions of this rule immediately to the Student Services Office.
    7. Alcoholic beverages or beverage containers and/or controlled/illegal drugs in any form shall not be kept or consumed on the premises at any time. All apartment complexes are to be tobacco-free.  Tenants are responsible for their guests. The presence of alcoholic beverages in the apartment may cause occupants to forfeit apartment privileges.
    8. The decorum of any off-campus student, whether in university or private housing, shall be consistent with the principles of Ouachita.
    9. Quiet hours should be observed strictly from 11:00 pm until 10:00 am. Since most students have requested to move from the dorm because they desire a quieter place to study, residents must observe these quiet hours.
    10. Residents may not have meetings or social gatherings in their apartments unless those attending are all residents of the complex, and then the time limit will be 11:00 pm.
    11. Installation of satellite television systems is prohibited.
    12. Candles are not allowed in the apartments.
    13. Outdoor grills may only be used away from the building in an uncovered area and must be attended by its owner at all times during use. Students must dispose of any ashes or waste in the dumpster after it has cooled.
    14. All motorized vehicles - including mopeds and hoverboards - are prohibited from use or storage inside a university apartment. No gasoline or other combustible fuel or its engine may be brought inside.
    15. Occupants or visitors who refuse to present identification when requested to do so by campus officials agree to having a photograph of their face taken for recording purposes, if needed.
    16. Other rules of the university as stated in The Tiger Handbook are to be honored. These are applicable to all tenants and visitors.
  5.  Occupants are responsible for all damage or loss to the residence and areas around the unit.
  6. After notice is given, the tenant may be checked out by the Students Services office staff. Before check-out, the unit must be cleaned, including stove, refrigerator, and bathroom. The floors must be vacuumed and all trash removed to the dumpster. When a resident vacates an apartment, he/she must check out with the apartment manager. Any damages that occurred during occupancy will be assessed to the residents.
  7. Violation of the terms of this contract may result in eviction from Ouachita Apartment Housing, forfeiture of the housing deposit, and/or disciplinary action.
  8. Furniture may be stored during the summer for those returning to their current apt. in the fall at a cost of $100 per month.

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