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Off-Campus Housing

An important part of Ouachita's education experience is living on campus. Although living on campus is highly encouraged, students may request an exception by completing a Request for Exception to Non-University Housing Policy form. **The form itself may be requested from the Student Development OfficeProviding misinformation for application will result in the loss of off-campus housing privileges and possible disciplinary action up to suspension from the university.


In order to live off campus in non-university housing, one of the following conditions must apply:

  • They are living with a parent/guardian and commute daily from that residence
  • They are given special permission by the Off-Campus Housing Exceptions Committee to live off-campus (granted only in unusual circumstances)
  • They are 23 years old or older
  • They have completed eight regular semesters of residence hall life.

Requests must be submitted to the Student Development Office by the following dates*:

  • Spring semester - November 1st
  • Fall semester - March 1st

*Requests submitted after the dates indicated may not be considered until the following semester.

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