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Residence Hall Housing Contract

I agree to accept this contract for housing under the terms and conditions described herein, and to comply with all housing policies stated in this contract and in the Tiger Handbook for as long as I reside in Ouachita housing.


Terms and Conditions of Contract

  1. The student agrees to live in the assigned housing for the current academic year. The contract may be cancelled only under the following conditions: 
    1. The student completes degree requirements or does not enroll at Ouachita in the spring semester. (The student must notify the Office of Student Services by December 1 to be eligible for refund of housing deposit)
    2. The student withdraws or is dismissed during the contract period. (Housing charges will be prorated as specified in the current catalog; housing deposit will be forfeited.)
    3. The student is granted an exception to the on-campus policy through established university channels (see Tiger Handbook)
  2. The student agrees to comply with all policies of the university concerning conduct and the care of residence halls. The rules, regulations and policies of the university are found in the Tiger Handbook, and it is the responsibility of each student to know and abide by these guidelines.
  3. All university-owned furniture/equipment must remain in the room at all times.
  4. The student will be billed for room and board on registration day. See the current catalog concerning payment plans.
  5. Any student living alone will be charged for a private room except as specified in the Tiger Handbook.
  6. The university reserves the right to make all room assignments. A student may not move from the assigned room without permission from the appropriate hall director(s). Anyone making a room change without authorization will be assessed a charge as stated in the Tiger Handbook.
  7. The university cannot assume responsibility for the loss of personal property but may aid in the recovery of such. Each student is urged to have personal property insurance coverage.
  8. University policy requires all students living in a residence hall to purchase a meal ticket.
  9. The residence halls and cafeteria will be closed during all scheduled university holidays. These dates are listed in the current catalog.
  10. The university reserves the right to enter any university-owned residence for the purposes of maintaining and checking for cleanliness, or to search the room for reasonable cause if evidence indicates that university policies are being violated (see Tiger Handbook)
  11. Upon withdrawal or suspension from the university, the residence must be vacated within 24 hours.
  12. When a student vacates a residence hall room, he or she must check out with the Resident Director or Resident Assistant. Failure to do so results in a charge as specified in the Tiger Handbook. Costs for damages that occurred during occupancy will be assessed to the resident(s).

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