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Residence Hall Housing Process

There are two parts to the housing process: application and sign-up.


  • Each student will apply to live in a group of four.
  • These four students’ completed hours will then be averaged.
  • The average hours will then be ranked highest to lowest.  This will determine the order that students sign up for housing locations.
  • Students who do not complete an application - or submit incomplete applications - will be placed at the bottom of the list.

Sign-up Appointment

  • Each group of 4 will be assigned a housing sign-up time; your group representative will receive this time via campus email.
  • Every member of the group does not need to be present. You may send one representative from your group of four if you wish.
  • When you arrive at your appointment, you will have five minutes to choose any room that has not yet been chosen.
  • Residence hall buildings and floors that have been filled will be posted outside the sign-up location so that students may make their determination BEFORE walking into their appointment. We recommended you arrive 10-15 minutes early to your appointment to see what buildings and floors are available.
  • Wait List
    • In order to avoid holes in the higher priority halls, a wait list will be constructed for students wishing to live in a hall when no space is available.
    • After signing up for a housing assignment, a group of four may choose to sign up for a wait list for another residence hall or floor.  If an opening should open up in a particular hall, the housing staff will consult the wait list to fill it.
    • The wait list may be capped at the discretion of ResLife staff.

Other notes:


If two or more groups of applicants are tied for number of hours completed, the order of these groups will be determined at random.  The Student Services staff will conduct the random ordering of these groups with a student present.

Penalties and Consequences

In general, a group not following the process guidelines may be added at the bottom of the housing list. Incomplete applications such as only 2 or 3 applicants; late application; application problem, such as one person showing up on two applications; falsifying information on an application -- all could result in being placed at the bottom of the housing list.

Students also forfeit their place in line if they miss or show up late to their housing appointment. They will be given a new housing appointment.

If all four members of the group 1) are in class or participating in a University-sponsored event and will missing the housing appointment and 2) have communicated this to the Assistant Director of Residence Life, it will not result in being moved to the bottom of the list. Group members in this situation are responsible for communicating this to Student Services to prevent being penalized.

Next Steps