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Susie Everett and Georgia Hickingbotham Halls

Georgia Hall room  Georgia Hall room 2

Opened in the fall of 2010, Susie Everett Hall and Georgia Hickingbotham Hall house upperclass women.

The halls each house 64 upperclass students who live in suites - two rooms of two students share one bathroom. Each suite opens to a community living room. The rooms are furnished with desks, dressers and beds. Chairs are not provided.

The dimensions of the bedrooms are:
Most rooms: 11'6" x 11'8"
Front corner rooms: 11' x 16' (irregular)
Rear center rooms: 11'6" x 13'8"

Students may only use nails provided by ResLife staff to hang pictures from the walls.


Georgia Hickingbotham Hall Staff

Associate Resident Director: Raleigh Peterson
RAs: Katie Kuss, Emily White, Stephany Quintero

Area Coordinator: Hannah Pilcher


Susie Everett Hall Staff

Associate Resident Director: Cori Gooseberry
RAs: Justin Webb, Johnny Webb, Nathan Wuellner

Area Coordinator: Collin Battaglia

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