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University Apartments

Apartment Complexes 


Qualifications for Student Apartments

Because of the benefit of residential living both to students’ academic success and students’ development, Ouachita’s apartments are limited to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Students with senior classification (89 hours) must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Students with junior classification (59 hours) must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • The student must not be on any probationary status with the university at the time of application.

Married Students: Students who are married or will be married prior to the following semester and do not meet the above qualifications will be allowed to live in a university apartment and will still be ranked according to average cumulative credit hours. Married students may only check in to their apartment once a completed marriage certificate has been submitted to the office of Student Services. While all apartment eligibility is based on the number of available units, married students will be given priority to be included on the wait list for available units. Students who marry during the fall or spring semester may not be guaranteed a university apartment; if an apartment is available, neither student may live in the apartment until their completed marriage certificate has been submitted to the office of Student Services.

Apartment Application and Sign-ups

  • The office of residence life will notify all students when apartment applications become available on the student web portal.
  • Students must apply as a pair.
  • The two students' cumulative hours will then be averaged. All pairs' average hours will then be ranked highest to lowest, which will determine the order that applicant pairs may sign up for apartments.
  • Each pair will be assigned an apartment sign-up time. Both applicants do not have to be present - only one resident must be present for the selection.
    • NOTE: Applicant pairs where both students have significant scheduling conflicts with their apartment sign-up appointment must contact the office of residence life as soon as they know of the conflict.
    • When you arrive at your appointment, you will have five minutes to choose any available apartment that has not yet been chosen.
    • Wait List
      • Applicants may elect to be placed on a wait list should they not receive their preferred housing assignment. While no change is guaranteed, the office of residence life will do its best to accommodate all available reassignments as they occur prior to the start of the following semester. Applicants must directly express their interest in being placed on the wait list.
      • Students on a wait list will be ranked by cumulative hours just as in the original sign-up process.

Mandatory Meeting for new apartment residents

After the completion of apartment sign-ups, all new apartment residents must attend a mandatory New Apartment Resident Meeting, typically held in mid-April. This meeting will cover important details regarding August move-in dates, check-in process, and things to know while living in a Ouachita campus apartment. Students will also have an opportunity to ask questions afterwards. Students who do not attend this meeting may forfeit their apartment assignment and may possibly be required to live in a residence hall the following semester. Information regarding dates and times will be sent out before apartment sign-ups each Spring semester.


Once a student has received a university apartment assignment, each occupant must pay an additional one-time $250 deposit. Payments of cash or check may be made in the Student Services office; cash, check, or credit card may be made in the Student Financial Services office. Deposits for fall housing assignments are due by April 10, and deposits for spring housing assignments are due by December 10. Failure to pay the deposit by its due date may result in loss of the apartment assignment.

Utility companies require separate deposits. It is recommended that students contact utility companies at least five business days in advance of checking in. Monthly utility expenses vary by apartment complex - refer to the specific apartment page below for details.

Checking Into Your Apartment

Prior to checking in, one occupant must present verification of the electricity deposit having been paid. This may be done via email or with a paper copy to Caitlin Hetzel, assistant director of residence life.

Generally, check in takes place in the week prior to the start of each semester. The office of Student Services will provide details regarding dates and times to new occupants via email. New occupants must make an appointment with their apartment manager to check in during the designated check in period. Contact information for apartment managers is available on each apartment complex's webpage.

Students who have registered a vehicle through the online check-in process may receive their parking decal from their apartment manager.

General Apartment Guidelines

  • Apartment health and safety checks are conducted once every three to four weeks. Residents are given advanced notice of an approximate two week window in which their complex's check will take place. Residents will be notified of their completed apartment check the same day it occurred. Individual residents will be notified within one business day of any identified issues including submitted work orders.
  • For work orders, contact your apartment manager. Clearly indicate your apartment unit along with all relevant details regarding the issue. For issues that arise after hours, you may contact Campus Safety.
  • For lock-outs that occur during business hours, contact the assistant director of residence life, Stacey Perry. After hours lock outs may be referred to Campus Safety.
  • Students may refer to the apartment housing contract for more information regarding OBU apartment conduct guidelines, including visitation hours,

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