Do you want to make a difference – responsibly? Within social justice studies at Ouachita, we study economic, political, religious and social disparities as they affect access to resources. We study past, present and future implications of these in order to understand best practices for social change and community betterment. Join us as we hone empirical tools, survey political landscapes and seek insights into historical change – all framed in our Christian tradition and using a data-driven approach.

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Career Options

Non-profit/NGO communications or administration

International relief work

Public service



Teaching and Academia

Featured Courses

Introduction to Social Justice

Race, Class, and Gender

Crime and Deviance

American Women


World Politics

Environmental Science

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Degree Details

This flexible degree program allows you to choose courses to suit your interests and the needs of your future career path. View the detailed degree requirements PDF to see all courses included in the program.

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of Students Intern, Study Abroad or Complete Advanced Research

Academic Departments Offer Classes for Social Justice Studies Credit

Community Service Hours Performed by Each Social Justice Studies Major

Over 100 Possible Degree Plan Course Combinations


Taking the Introduction to Social Justice course has taught me to evaluate justice in a larger perspective. I no longer rely on only my passion for solving social justice issues, but have a broader understanding of how to be an advocate for justice in a way that truly helps people and has a substantial impact. Additionally, the Introduction to Social Justice class has opened up opportunities for me to serve as an intern at a nonprofit for women. This class has taught me skills on how to ask broader questions about injustices in the world.

 Rachel Bruton
 2018 graduate from Mountain Home, Ark.

Personal Development

Draft a working Personal Statement during the Introduction to Social Justice course. This may guide your class, service and practicum choices and provide character development goals during your college career. During your capstone, assess your progress toward personal and professional development as you prepare to launch a career in advocacy.

Academic Flexibility

Work closely with your advisor to create your own unique degree plan. You’ll take courses in the Social Sciences as well as Christian Studies, Environmental Science and the Humanities. You may choose the skill set you wish to build and plan your courses accordingly, or take a more generalist approach. With either option, you will learn from specialists who are leaders in their disciplines.

Hands-On Experience

Complete a service-learning course your freshman year. Serve the community through the Elrod Center’s TransServe program and with our emerging community services learning clinic. Complete your individualized capstone. Attend program lectures, discussions and retreats. In all of these venues, learn both inside and outside of classroom walls.


merging responsibilities & resources

As a Social Justice Studies major, you will have the opportunity to intern, study abroad or conduct an in-depth research project with a professor, as well as have access to retreats, travel and continued service-learning. All Social Justice Studies majors participate in at least one service-learning project and perform community service, incorporating hands-on community work with academics

Words in motion: My ASL journey and why I sign

“Deafness is not the opposite of hearing. It’s a silence full of sound.” ~ Mark Medoff I began my ASL journey by watching instructional videos online. I started with basic lessons of the alphabet, fingerspelling and later transitioned to grammar rules. Once I had an understanding of the language, I began translating poems, monologues and songs in ASL and Pidgin Signed English (a combination of ASL and English). I have now been signing for five...

Ouachita cited as top private university in state, ranked among “Best for the Money” nationally

Earning recognition as the top private university in Arkansas as well as being listed nationally among “Best for the Money” universities, Ouachita Baptist University continues to be ranked among the nation’s top universities by Forbes magazine, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today/ and This year’s state and national rankings for Ouachita include being: Ranked as the No. 1 private university in Arkansas by...

Dr. Noelle Trent to present guest lecture on “Interpreting Difficult History: Public History in the 21st Century” Nov. 13 at Ouachita

Ouachita Baptist University will host Dr. Noelle Trent as she presents a guest lecture, “Interpreting Difficult History: Public History in the 21st Century,” on Nov. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in Ouachita’s McBeth Recital Hall in Mabee Fine Arts Center. The lecture is part of Ouachita’s Birkett Williams Endowed Lecture Series and is free and open to the public. Dr. Trent’s lecture will focus on past civil rights movements and use them as a lens to...

Ouachita hosts “Between the Shadow and the Light: An Exhibit Out of South Africa” international traveling art exhibit through Feb. 23

Ouachita Baptist University’s Sutton School of Social Sciences is hosting the final U.S. stop of the international traveling exhibit, “Between the Shadow and the Light: An Exhibit Out of South Africa,” on Ouachita’s campus. It is the largest exhibit to show on Ouachita’s campus to date, spanning Mabee Fine Arts Center’s Hammons Gallery as well as Moses-Provine Hall’s Rosemary Gossett Adams Galleries. The exhibit will be on display through Feb....

w.h. Sutton school of social sciences

The Sutton School of Social Sciences offers in-depth study in the fields of history, political science, psychology, sociology, public history and social justice studies. Our faculty encourage our students to become enlightened, engaged citizens who embrace an ethic of service to God and humanity.


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