My name is Dillon Thomas, admissions counselor. I grew up in Keller, Texas where I was involved in my church and on the Keller wrestling team. I graduated in May 2017 with a double major in Christian Studies and philosophy and I would certainly not trade my time here for anything; however, prior to coming, I was actually resistant to the idea of attending here. I was completely set upon going to a different university. My mom wanted me to look at Ouachita. I reluctantly scheduled a visit. After taking the tour I was confused on where to go.

My admissions counselor and the professors at Ouachita swayed me. Through the phone calls, birthday cards, and personal touches, I knew they truly cared for me and didn’t just want me to be another number. I knew this is where God was leading me to be.

Ouachita was, for me, the catalyst of my journey into manhood. In high school, I struggled to get out of my shell. At Ouachita I quickly got involved in many activities around campus – from Campus Ministries to social clubs, the many friends I made, as well as investing myself into my education.

When I found out that there was a job opening in the admissions department, I instantly knew this is what I wanted to be doing during the next stage of my life. First of all, because I desire to work at a place that I love but mainly because I seek to make a difference in in your Ouachita journey so that you understand how Ouachita can be your home away from home.

Ouachita is an amazing place that will help mold and shape you into the man or woman that God wants you to be. If you have any questions or comments about OBU, please don’t hesitant to get in touch with me.