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COVID-19 Pledge

Ouachita Baptist University
Community COVID-19 Pledge


Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for Ouachita’s Christian Mission define how our community learns, works and lives together in ordinary times – and even more so in the extraordinary pandemic context. Reflecting Christ’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves, our unique calling as an educational community and our understanding of the risks and challenges of COVID-19, we pledge together to follow the guidelines below.

We pledge to

  • Follow federal, state and local guidelines and directives;
  • Wear a face mask in common spaces indoors and wherever social distancing is difficult to maintain outdoors, or as otherwise mandated by governmental authorities;
  • Observe physical distancing of 6 feet or as guidelines permit;
  • Practice frequent handwashing and use hand sanitizer;
  • Not gather in groups larger than Arkansas Department of Health or CDC limits;
  • Observe personal hygiene and respiratory etiquette, such as coughing into my elbow;
  • Immediately contact Health Services if I experience symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed, and to follow all university directives for isolation and quarantine;
  • Immediately notify Ouachita Health Services if I test positive for COVID-19;
  • Complete Ouachita’s online education program for COVID-19.

I recognize that being part of the Ouachita community means my behavior affects everyone else on campus and the people of Arkadelphia. Therefore, I pledge to strive to exercise healthy discretion in my behaviors and habits and follow all of the guidelines for a healthier college environment for others and myself.

Next Steps