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Academic Services

The overall goal of Academic Services is to enhance the student’s probability for success in both their academic and life-goal pursuits. Academic Services encompasses a wide range of both academic and administrative services including: Academic Probation Program, Academic Skills Program, and Placement Testing, both national and residual. A description of these services can be found below. For additional information, select one of the following headings.

Academic Probation

The academic probation program is centered on those students that have failed to attain or maintain appropriate academic performance.  This program encompasses those students entering the university on “Conditional Admission," with an ACT score of 19 or below or those “Probation” students that have not met the universities minimum standard for overall GPA for their academic level.

OBU Connect

Ouachita Baptist University is committed to student success and retention. For this reason, an early alert process has been developed to help adapting students achieve academic success.  OBU Connect is a software program that enables instructors to identify students having difficulties in their classes and connect them with campus services that can help. 

Academic Skills Program

Courses in the Academic Skills Development Program provide assistance in the acquisition of college level reading, mathematics, English, and study skills. The number of hours required for graduation is increased by the number of hours taken in ASKL courses.

ACT and GRE Testing

The ACT college readiness assessment test is “a curriculum- and standards-based educational and career planning tool that assesses students’ academic readiness for college.”

Information retrieved from ACT's National website.

The GRE is a graduate-level admissions test which is committed to “helping schools make the best admissions decisions and helping test takers do their best on test day.”

Information retrieved from GRE's General website.

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