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Academic Skills Program


The ASKL Program is designed to help students who have been admitted to the University, yet have need for additional help in certain areas. These students are required by the University to take the ASKL course of need (Fundamental Reading, Intermediate Algebra, or Comp I with Lab) along with other requirements within the Academic Success Center including success meetings and attendance to a success workshop.

The ASKL Program provides assistance to students in the acquisition of college level reading, mathematics, English and study skills.

The following information is taken from OBU's General Catalog 2018-2019.
Courses in the Academic Skills Development Program provide assistance in the acquisition of college level reading, mathematics, English, and study skills. The number of hours required for graduation is increased by the number of hours taken in ASKL courses.
1011. Transition Seminar
A seminar designed to survey the University’s resources and assist first-year students with the transition to the demands of college work. The student will be introduced to various learning styles and study skills such as note taking, effective listening, and test taking. Students will also survey the course requirements for a major of their choice, discuss their role as an advisee, and learn about the University’s rules and policies. Particular attention will be given to the discussion of ethical issues such as dishonesty, plagiarism, and classroom etiquette. Fall, Spring.
1013. Intermediate Algebra
A beginning course in algebra for students needing a foundation for college mathematics courses. A grade of C or better is required
before a student is eligible to enroll in a higher mathematics course. Fall, Spring.
1031. Fundamental Reading 
A course designed to improve reading skills of students and to better equip them for a level of proficiency in academic reading,
writing, vocabulary, and critical understanding of college level material. The course will strive to diagnose specific reading problems,
and attention will be given to finding a contemporary solution for each student. Fall, Spring.
1041. Developmental Reading 
A course for acquiring and developing college reading proficiency. The course focuses on difficulties most often encountered in
college-level reading. On Demand.
2001. Success Seminar
A seminar designed to help continuing students identify academic problems and formulate strategies for dealing with those problems. The course will emphasize case studies designed to spark in-depth discussion on real issues such as the application of time management or study skills and personal responsibility. Fall, Spring.

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