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The Academic Success Center staff is just a zoom call away! Simply text 501-420-4086 to check availability of staff or access our Administrative Assistant/Office manager directly through zoom at any time.

Academic Success Center 

(870) 245-5381
410 Ouachita St.
Box 3773
Arkadelphia, Ark. 71998-0001


Amory Hitt

Amory Hitt
Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
(870) 245-5381

hitta@obu.edu  |  https://obu.zoom.us/my/ahitt



Lyndi Greenwich

Lyndi Greenwich
Assistant Director & Math Specialist
(870) 245-4286
greenwichl@obu.edu  | 



Nicole Porchia

Nicole Porchia
Academic Success Center & Multicultural Student Programs Director   
(870) 245-5234

porchian@obu.edu  |  https://obu.zoom.us/my/porchia



Monica Rutledge

Monica Rutledge
Academic Success & Multicultural Support Specialist




Website: www.obu.edu/success

Email: academicsuccesscenter@obu.edu

Facebook: Ouachita Baptist University-Academic Success Center

Twitter: @ASC_OBU

Instagram:  OBUSuccess

ASC staff is committed to serving Ouachita students.

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