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OBU Connect (Early Academic Alert)

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What is the OBU Connect Alert System?

Ouachita Baptist University is committed to student success and retention. For this reason, we developed an early alert process to help students achieve academic success. The OBU Connect (Early Academic Alert) System is a software program that enables instructors to identify students having difficulties in their classes and connect them with campus services, such as the Academic Success Center, that can help.

Why have an OBU Connect Alert System?

Even though OBU is a small campus, students desiring help may be unsure where to go or how to get the support they need, particularly first-year students. The OBU Connect Alert system informs the Academic Success Center that a student is struggling in the classroom. We can then reach out to the student to help direct them to the right place to get the resources necessary to help them succeed.

What should I do if I receive an academic alert?

First, please know that receiving an academic alert is NOT a punishment. Instead, it indicates that your instructor cares about your success and wants to direct you to where you can receive additional help or resources. We want to help you! Receiving an academic alert is an opportunity to address the issues preventing you from excelling academically.

Second, you will receive an email, call, and text notifying you of the alert. Please read the entire alert email and follow the instructions mentioned in the email. By working together, we can get you the help that you need.

What can I do if I need help in my class but my professor has not submitted an alert for me?

The instructor is the best resource a student has to answer any questions, so we always suggest speaking with them first. They will most likely direct you to one of our resources on campus, such as tutoring with the Academic Success Center, Writing Labs with the Speer Writing Center, etc.

When meeting with your instructor or adviser about the alert, do not make excuses; instead, focus on resolving the issues. Remember that your instructor is the expert on what it takes to succeed in this course. They can be your best resource if you can be honest about your challenges in their class.

Whom should I contact if I have any questions about the OBU Connect Alert System?

If you have any questions about the OBU Connect Alert system, please get in touch with the Academic Success Center at asc@obu.edu or call 870-245-5381.

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