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Student Success Coaching

Meet with our Academic Success Center Staff…

Your success matters to us...

The Academic Success Center’s (ASC) sole function is to help our students with academic success by:
  • Identifying the student’s area(s) of need
  • Encouraging students to use existing resources available
  • Assist the student in developing skills to achieve success
  • Inspiring students to be responsible for his/her own academic career

The Student Success Coordinator will help students with issues pertinent to success, including, but not limited, to the following:

  • Time Management
  • Tutoring Assistance
  • Establishing a Study Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Study Skills
  • Academic Planning

In addition, the ASC staff will gladly refer students to the various resources available on campus, including Student Counseling, Financial Aid, Student Services, Tutoring Services, and Career Development Services. This process can be referred to as OBU G.P.S (Going Places for Success).

How do I make an appointment?
There are several ways to request an appointment:

  1. You can e-mail us at academicsuccesscenter@obu.edu and a member of our office will call/reply to set up an appointment
  2. You can also call the Academic Success Center directly at (870) 245-5381.

Nicole Porchia

Nicole Porchia
Academic Success Center Director and Director of Multicultural Student Programs

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