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Online Students

The Academic Success Center’s goal is to help students become independent and efficient learners so they are better equipped to meet the University’s academic standards and successfully attain their educational goals.  We challenge and encourage students to become actively involved in their learning.  We value your interest in our program and hope to help you take control of your academic progress.

In addition to the information below, please contact us personally, at any time, by emailing academicsuccesscenter@obu.edu. The following resources offered by our Center have been outlined for your convenience. Upon review, please choose the service you desire and follow the instructions given or simply click on specified links to obtain particular resources.


Online Tutoring Services

These services are provided by trained peers who have come highly recommended by their professors to tutor courses they have successfully completed. Tutoring is available in a variety of subjects with an emphasis on CORE courses. If you need assistance with homework, understanding a concept, or desire review for an upcoming test, please request an online tutoring appointment by emailing huneycutt@obu.edu. Arrangements will be made that best fit your needs and the schedules of both you and your tutor.

Video Tutoring Series (Available 24 hours)

This video tutoring series has been created by our trained peer tutors and includes guided supplemental information that correlates with the material that you are working through in your online course.  These videos are made available through the ASC YouTube channel, thus allowing you unlimited access to best fit your scheduling needs. 

Principles of Accounting 1 & 2 
Bible Survey 
Western Civilization/Global 

Access the video tutoring sessions

Paper Editing Services

This service will allow students to submit papers online to be edited for content, structure, clarity, grammatical error, etc. Please allow at least 24 - 36 hours for return after submission. Students may submit papers for review to the following ASC email address: huneycutt@obu.edu.

Live Online Tutoring

The Academic Success Center on campus has a full schedule of tutoring sessions daily. Should your schedule permit, you are more than welcome to join a tutoring session via web conference. At the beginning of each week, a full schedule of tutoring sessions is emailed out campus-wide. Tutoring sessions that correspond with online courses are noted on the schedule. These sessions are highly beneficial, as you will have the opportunity to ask questions, review, and talk through information with one of our trained tutors.  You will also be able to participate in discussions and interactions with other session attendees.  Full instructions for registering and accepting invitations to tutoring sessions may be found below.  If you have any questions regarding the process or to inquire about tutoring session availability, please email huneycutt@obu.edu.

Process for joining Live Online Tutoring

Success Workshops

These interactive online success workshops are designed to meet the convenience of students and to educate them academically, personally, and professionally. 

A Workshop on Stress Management

A Workshop on Academic Honesty and Misconduct

A Workshop on Understanding Your Emotional Intelligence

A Workshop on Test Anxiety

A Workshop on How Social Media Can Impact Your Future Career

A Workshop on Setting Manageable Goals

A Workshop on NoteTaking


OBU Connect (Early Academic Alert System) 

Ouachita Baptist University is committed to student success and retention. For this reason, an early alert process has been developed to help adapting students achieve academic success.  The OBU Connect (Early Academic Alert) System is a software program that enables instructors to identify students having difficulties in their classes and connect them with campus services that can help. 

Online students will receive alerts when failing to log into an online course for a period of seven days.

As an online student, if you receive an early academic alert from your instructor, please contact Dr. Rob Hewell at 870-245-5133 or send an email to hewellr@obu.edu.

For more information regarding this alert system and how it can be of benefit to you please read OBU Connect (Early Academic Alert) System.

Additional Academic Resources

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