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Bachelor of Music in Worship Arts

Ouachita is committed to graduating men and women whose ministry through music and the arts will be creative and faithful to God’s mission through the church, while honoring the church’s past, present and future.

This degree is Ouachita's enhanced church music major.

Worship Arts majors will, in addition to the University’s CORE curriculum and general music course work, complete courses in the these areas:

Worship Arts requirements, including: Foundations for Ministry/Music, Church Music Education 1, Song Writing and Arranging for Worship, Worship Arts Administration and Leadership, Congregational Worship, Technology and Media for Worship and Handbell Ringers 

Christian Studies requirements, including: Spiritual Formation, Biblical Exegesis, Theology of Christian Worship, as well as a Christian Studies elective (History of Christianity, Worship and Witness or Christian Theology)

Students then choose from among four applied skill areas:

Vocal Emphasis, including: Vocal Diction 1 & 2, Instrumental Perspectives, Choral Conducting 1 & 2, and Church Music Education 2

Instrumental Emphasis, including:  Directing the Rhythm Section, Concert Choir, Instrumental Conducting 1 & 2, Vocal Perspectives, Instrumental Seminar

Keyboard Emphasis, including:  Worship Service Playing for Piano, Choral or Instrumental Conducing 1 & 2, Instrumental or Vocal Perspectives, Piano Seminar

Guitar Emphasis, including:  Directing the Rhythm Section, Choral or Instrumental Conducting 1 & 2, Instrumental or Vocal Perspectives, Guitar Seminar

The Bachelor of Music in Worship Arts degree also includes an Internship customized to each student’s interests.

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