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Worship Studies Program

OBU's Worship Studies Program offers students the opportunity to choose from among three interdisciplinary majors, each designed to prepare graduates for a range of worship leadership opportunities in the church's diverse, dynamic, and demanding future.

This unique collaborative program is an initiative of Ouachita's Pruet School of Christian Studies and School of Fine Arts. The program features three innovative majors designed to develop skilled and scholarly musicians, ministers and artists:

Bachelor of Music in Worship Arts

The Worship Arts major is OBU's enhanced church music degree. It offers students a full professional-level music degree designed to train students with a high level of musical and artistic skills as foundation for ministry and worship through the arts, and develops skills for leading a wide range of musical genres with a variety of ensembles and age groups.

Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry

In addition to the university’s CORE curriculum, the Worship Ministry major offers students a strong foundation for worship ministry within a full range of Christian Studies coursework, provides a foundation for understanding the arts in worship practices of congregations, and is valuable for integrating worship ministry with other dimensions of local congregational ministry as well as with other ministry endeavors.

Bachelor of Arts in Church Media Production Arts

The Church Media/ Production Arts degree is a major in the Pruet School of Christian Studies. In addition to the university’s CORE curriculum, this major offers a strong foundation for ministry within a full range of Christian Studies coursework, and lays a foundation for the use of media, technology, and artistic expressions in the worship life of congregations and other ministry endeavors.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Rob Hewell
Director of the Worship Studies Program
Phone: 870.245.5133

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