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Biomedical Scholars FAQs

Biomedical Scholars Program

The Biomedical Scholars program is a unique degree program intentionally designed to develop students into well-rounded candidates for the health professions school of their choice.  Students completing the Biomedical Scholars Program will graduate with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences degree with a minor in Chemistry or Physics. The program provides a rigorous academic curriculum enhanced with experiential learning through study abroad opportunities, experimental research, community service, and clinical shadowing rotations.


Biomedical Scholars Program FAQ:

Q: Can I get a Biomedical Sciences degree if I am not a Biomedical Scholar?

A: No. The Biomedical Sciences degree is currently limited to Biomedical Scholars.  However, if you transfer in college course credit and/or are willing to take summer classes, we can help you complete a traditional Biology degree in 3 years.

Q: What are the admission criteria for the Biomedical Scholars program?

A: Qualified students may join the Biomedical Scholars program as incoming freshmen or rising Ouachita sophomores (28.5 or fewer credit hours).  Admission to the Biomedical Scholars program as an incoming freshman requires an ACT score of at least 30 or an SAT CR+M score of at least 1340, 6 hours or more of transferrable college credit, and completion of a biographical information form. Admission to the Biomedical Scholars program as a rising OBU sophomore requires an overall 3.6 GPA, a 3.5 GPA in General Biology I and II and General Chemistry I and II, completing of one Honors CORE course, and completion of a biographical information form. 

Q: If I join the Biomedical Scholars program, is there a minimum GPA required to remain in the program?

A: Students in the program must maintain a 3.6 GPA. If a student’s GPA falls below this, he/she will have a one semester probationary period in which to bring his/her GPA back up to this minimum level. If a student’s GPA remains below a 3.6 after the probationary semester, he/she must default to a Biology degree. The BIOL 1014 requirement will be waived for Biomedical Scholars defaulting to a Biology degree.

Q: How many credit hours would I take each semester as a Biomedical Scholar?

A: If you come in with 6 hours of college credit and complete only the Biomedical Sciences program, you will take 12 to 18 credit hours per semester.  These semester hour values will change if you bring in more college credits or add an additional major or minor.

Q: If I am a Biomedical Scholar, will I have time for campus activities?

A: Yes!  All of our students are involved in the Ouachita campus community, participating in Tiger Tunes, intramural sports, and/or clubs.  We encourage extracurricular activities because participation in these activities will broaden your point of view and help you to be a better healthcare professional.

Q: I want to be a Biomedical Scholar, but I don’t want to study abroad. Can I still participate in this program?

A: No. We believe study abroad is critical for the experiential learning component of this program.  If you are willing to take summer classes instead of traveling, we can help you complete a traditional Biology degree in 3 years.

Q: I am transferring in my foreign language credits. How does this influence the Biomedical Scholars program’s study abroad requirement?

A: Your foreign language credits will satisfy the university’s Intercultural Appreciation and Communication requirement, but will not fulfill the study abroad requirement of the Biomedical Scholars program. For your study abroad experience, you may choose a traditional foreign language experience, you may opt for an English-language experience, or you may complete experimental research in another country. If you are interested in pursuing an international research experience, let your academic advisor know.  

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