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The Ben M. Elrod Center for Family & Community

Service brings people together in common causes and celebrates our common humanity. Since the Elrod Center's establishment in 1997, thousands of students have made new connections between campus and community. From placing mentors in public schools to offering companionship to the elderly, the Elrod Center is proud to be part of a rebirth in volunteerism and with it a fresh appreciation of what it takes to build a strong community.


As one of the watchwords on the university seal, service is foundational for Ouachita. The Elrod Center challenges and equips the university community to live out its faith as servant leaders and community-minded citizens. We invite you to learn more about the Elrod Center's mission, its staff, its namesake and its history as well as the many programs that carry it into the future:

Contact Us

Come Visit: 228 N. 6th Street, Arkadelphia, AR • Mailing Address: 410 Ouachita Street, OBU Box 3790, Arkadelphia, AR 71889-0001 • Phone: (870) 245-5320 • Fax: (870) 245-5325

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