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Invest in the Next Generation of Tigers

Zac and Tiffeny Crow’s story began at Ouachita. They met here, and when their oldest son, Caleb, was ready to choose a college, they wanted him to have the same transformational experience that they had at Ouachita. Caleb chose Ouachita and receives the Legacy Scholarship simply because his parents are graduates of Ouachita. Your financial support provides scholarship assistance for legacy students and for potential Tigers like Caleb’s brother and sister.



Of Full-Time Freshmen Receive Institutional Aid



Student Aid Awarded Each Year



Student Satisfaction Rate in AR, TX & LA (CollegeConsensus.com)



Receive Financial Aid


The generations of families whose stories began at Ouachita and continue to grow through the years is the spirit behind the Legacy Scholarship at Ouachita. We want generations of Tigers to experience the life-changing journey here at Ouachita. Currently 187 Tiger legacy students are beginning their Ouachita journey.

You can help support and encourage these and future Ouachita legacy students in two meaningful ways:

Invest in future Tigers


The Legacy Scholarship

Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, the Ouachita Legacy Scholarship can continue to provide much-needed assistance to current and future Ouachita legacy students and their families.

Scholarship details:

  • $1,000 per year stackable with Merit Awards
  • Awarded to students who have at least one parent who attended Ouachita
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA to maintain

Your donation of any amount can make a life-changing difference for these Ouachita legacy students.

$100 provides 10% of the amount needed each year for a Legacy Scholarship

$250 provides 25% of the amount needed each year for a Legacy Scholarship

$500 provides 50% of the amount needed each year for a Legacy Scholarship

$1,000 provides a full Legacy Scholarship

Make your gift of support today!

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