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Ouachita Hands On

Hands on study abroad opportunity

Students walking in streetOne of the many Study Abroad Opportunities available at Ouachita Baptist University is the "Hands On Ouachita" semester missions program.  Students who participate in this program experience a learning environment beyond any that can be replicated in the classroom.

What is it?

Hands On Ouachita is a set of courses offered by Ouachita Baptist University to students who participate in the IMB Hands On program. The IMB “Hands On” program is a five to six month tour of mission service offered to qualified students by the International Mission Board (IMB Connecting) of the Southern Baptist Convention. Students in this program serve as semester missionaries working under experienced field supervisors. Their duties include evangelism, discipleship, and Kingdom ministry.


What are the requirements for the Hands On Ouachita program?

Student and villagerTo be eligible for Hands On Ouachita, OBU Christian Studies majors must have completed nine hours in Christian Studies, including CHMN 1023 Introduction to Christian Ministry, and MSSN 2303 Introduction to Christian Missions. For non-OBU students or non-Christian studies majors, this requirement may be waived. Students must also have maintained a 2.5 gpa or higher prior to application.


What course credit is offered in the Hands On Ouachita program?

Students pose for photoFifteen hours of academic credit are offered in this program. These courses consist of pre-field, on-field, and post-field assignments. Course materials and instructions are accessed through Moodle, Ouachita's online course management system. You will need significant blocks of time before your departure and after your return in order to complete these assignments. Regular tuition fees apply.

The courses are:

  • MSSN 3436 Missions Internship
    The Christian Missions Internship features the on-the-job learning opportunities you will experience on the field.  You will work in supervised ministry/missions situations under an experienced career missionary. This internship earns you six hours of course credit in Missions.

  • MSSN 4303 Missions Strategy and Methods
    In this course, you, the student, will learn how to research, recognize, participate in, and understand actual mission strategies being implemented in the area where you will serve.

  • MSSN 4823  Missions Special Studies (Field Work)
    You will receive credit for this course by successfully completing the work assigned by the field supervisor.

  • MSSN 4313 Inter-Cultural Communication
    This represents a study of the principles of intercultural communication with a view to preparing you for life and work in a culture other than your own.


How do I sign up?

Students with flowers in their hairTo receive college credit for the Hands On, Ouachita program, students must enroll in the above courses through Ouachita Baptist University's study abroad program. Normal tuition fees will apply.  For more information on sign up go to Hands-On Application Procedures.

How do I find out more?

Ouachita student poses with international friendFollow this link to a form that will ask for your basic contact information. We will put you on our list of potential Hands On candidates and contact you soon.

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