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hands-on learning

real-world opportunities

Your liberal arts education at Ouachita not only exposes you to a variety of fields and interests, it prepares you to launch a meaningful career or succeed in grad school. You’ll have the opportunity to experience high-impact learning through hands-on labs, field work and internships. How does managing $1 million of the university’s endowment sound? Or contributing to research funded by NASA? Or engaging with artists at the Sundance Film Festival? Or walking in Jesus’ steps in the Holy Land? These experiences will not only make for great memories, they’ll give you a jump-start on your future career.

Ouachita achieves top graduation rate among all colleges in Arkansas

Ouachita Baptist University has earned the honor of attaining the top university graduation rate in Arkansas, according to the latest data compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics. The report follows other recent recognitions, including Ouachita being ranked as the No. 1 private university in Arkansas by Niche.com. Graduation rates are among the top indicators to evaluate a university’s quality and educational impact for the...

“A Letter to My Parents” by Ben Sells, President

Note: Both of my parents passed away in 2007, my mother in February and my father the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Following is a “letter to my parents” I would have written if they were alive, sharing about my first semester at Ouachita and what the Lord is teaching me. My father was the president and later chancellor at Southwest Baptist University which cultivated my interest in Christian higher education. Reading this letter—written as an...

Paying for college: A personal testimony

“Mom, I’m just not proud of our life. Our house is run down and I’m ashamed to bring my friends over. I just wish our family was normal.” Driving home in our beat-up minivan, Mom looked at me with sad eyes. I was breaking her heart. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Who would say that to their mother?” Well, you’re right; that is an awful thing to say to the person who gave life to you. But from that conversation, I learned a valuable lesson about...

Leaving them to the Lord: Dropping off your freshman at college

As we neared the time for my oldest son Blake to leave for Ouachita, I began to ask God to give me peace and direction on being a mom – my most loved and highest calling – 100 miles away. What would it look like? How was I to be his mom without seeing him at the breakfast table, walking by his room and praying over him while he slept, hearing “Mom” 100 times a day, watching every hole of golf he ever played? I treasured these sweet times for us...


Ouachita has an admissions counselor who is ready to help you – all you need to do is contact them. Whether you have questions about Ouachita or would just like to talk about your college decision, we would love to hear from you! Find your admissions counselor below and click on their photo for more information.


Ouachita has an admissions counselor who is ready to help you – all you need to do is contact them. Whether you have questions about Ouachita or would just like to talk about your college decision, we would love to hear from you! Find the admissions counselor for your area and click on their name for more information.

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Victoria Williams Matthew Cook Dawson Pritchard Amy Gattis Rebekah Taylor Jack Hunley Adam Wheat


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