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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the Honors Program?

A: Incoming freshmen with ACT scores of 28+ and 3.5 GPA's automatically qualify as honor students.  If they do not wish to participate in the program, they simply notify the director by e-mail, who is Dr. Barbara Pemberton, pembertonb@obu.edu.

Q: Are there honors scholarships?

A: There are grants for travel and research for which you can apply in February of each year. There are not honors scholarships for general tuition.

Q: What is Scholars Day?

A: Scholars Day is one afternoon a year in April for OBU students & student-teams to present their best research, papers, performances, and presentations to the whole campus. Often, these poster presentations and papers have been presented at national conferences off-campus, so Scholars Day enables the whole academic community to experience the award-winning work of its students. Parents and friends from off campus are most welcome!

Honors Tiger Day is also a part of Scholars Day. Prospective incoming freshmen who qualify can get in contact with the Admission department for more information.

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