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Department Mission Statement

In harmony with the mission of the University and that of the School of Natural Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science provides all Ouachita students with a rigorous educational experience within the context of a Christian environment, preparing them for places of leadership and service.

The Mathematics program promotes, for all students, the enhancement of quantitative reasoning and problem-solving abilities, the development of communication skills, and an appreciation of the beauty of mathematics and of the breadth of its applications. Additionally, the major provides an in-depth study of the mathematical processes involved in abstraction and formal proof, preparing Mathematics graduates to be continual learners and to be successful in graduate school, secondary teaching, and careers requiring analytical skills.

The Computer Science program engages students in the pursuit of logical thinking through a wide variety of topics that will provide a solid foundation for their future endeavors in either graduate school or the professional world. The program encourages scholarship, ethical behavior, and a commitment to continual learning.

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