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Weather Restrictions

Because the majority of RecSports are played outside there will be times that the weather
will dictate play.  In the event that any of the following conditions arise, updates will be communicated through twitter via: OBURecSports.  Captains and team members are encouraged to follow these tweets in order to be quickly informed of any decisions or changes that are made.  If games are canceled for any reason, they will be made up if at all possible, but there are no guarantees.

Rain: the RecSports staff will make a judgment call on whether the conditions are playable.

Storms: the RecSports staff will make a call to either proceed or cancel games determined
by the distance and direction of the storm.  Even if the current conditions seem playable, games may be canceled if storms are close in order keep everyone safe.

Tornados: in the case of a tornado watch for Clark County the RecSports staff will make a call to either proceed or cancel games determined by the position and the direction of the storm.  In the case of a tornado warning for Clark County, games will be canceled.  Games will continue 30 minutes after the tornado warning has expired as long as there is no further chance of tornadoes and/or storms.

Flooding: Almost every spring the RecSports fields flood at one point or another.  Games will not be played if there is standing or moving water.


Cancelations, Forfeitures, and Time Conflicts

Any games that are canceled by RecSports will be rescheduled if at all possible, but there are no guarantees. If a team does not have the required number of players by five minutes past start
time, the team will receive a forfeit.  Teams can still play if they want, but it will not be officiated and will not be recorded as an official game. If a team forfeits twice during a season, that team will be removed from the schedule.

Teams are encouraged to submit all time conflicts to the RecSports Staff.  If it is a valid time conflict RecSports will not schedule your team during that time slot.  A valid time conflict is something that involves enough of your team members to force you to forfeit a game

Also, the RecSports program wants to honor and encourage participation in the local
church and parachurch activities.  Because there are church events (and para-church events) on multiple nights of the week, it is impossible to cancel for all church events.  Church related time conflicts will be honored as valid.

If a time conflict arises for your team during the season, and you report it to us (via email: recsports@obu.edu) no later than 1 week before your game, you will not be charged with a forfeit for that game.  During tournament play Rec Sports will do all we can to work around time conflicts, because our tournament schedules are determined by bracket play, not all time conflicts can be honored.




  • Currently enrolled, activity-fee paying students
  • Faculty/Staff and their spouses
  • Alumni of OBU (note: max number of alumni per team cannot exceed half the number of minimum players required per sport)
  • Present athletes including scholarship, and walk-on players are not eligible in their related sport during the same academic year.

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