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Tiger Success Summer Bridge Program


The Tiger Success Bridge Program is a four-week academic enrichment and leadership development program that provides a seamless transitional opportunity for first-time freshmen to get an early, strong start on their college careers. By completing up to 6 college credit hours during the summer, students have the opportunity to be better prepared for the academic, personal, and social obstacles that they may encounter while acclimating to a college campus. In addition to tutoring, study skills training, and workshops, the program provides peer mentorship to equip and support participants.

Because this is a pilot program, we can only allow 50 students to participate.


Registration for Tiger Success Summer Bridge ends May 31.

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Tiger Success Bridge Course Schedule Summer 2022


  Time Course Day Instructor Location
CORE 1113 8:30-11 Bible Survey MTWTH Adam Jones HH 205
ASKL 1011 9-9:50 Transition Seminar TTH Nicole Porchia Lile 127
ASKL 1031 9-9:50 Fund. of Reading MW Julia Jones Lile 127
KIN 1002 10:30-12 Wellness MTWTH Dawson Pritchard HH 200
MATH 1003 11-12:15 / 1:30-2:45 College Alg. A & B MTWTH Darin Buscher HH 204
ASKL 1023 1:30-4 Intro to Problem Solving MTWTH Lyndi Greenwich Lile 127
ASKL 1011 4-5 Transition Seminar MW Katie Herring Lile 127
CORE 1023 1:30-4 Contemporary World MTWTH Myra Houser Lile 131
CORE 1043 1:30-4 Composition I MTWTH Jessica Qualls HH 205

Success Calendar July 2022

Tiger Success Bridge Textbooks 2022

The following is the price list of textbooks sold at the Ouachita Baptist University Bookstore as of May 2022. Please contact the Bookstore at 870-245-5298 or bookstore@obu.edu if you have any questions.

Course Textbook/s Price
Bible Survey

Living God’s Word

Used Buy - $26.95

Used Rent - $16.00

College Algebra

College Algebra (*Textbook OPTIONAL)

*There will be a link for access to a free online textbook for this class. This will be listed on Moodle by the professor. The physical textbook is optional for those students who prefer to have one.

Used Buy - $39.95

Used Rent - $24.00

Composition 1


They Say/I Say with Readings


Everyone’s an Author


Assayers 30

Used Buy 1 - $38.95

Used Rent 1 - $24.00

New Buy 2 - $78.95

New Rent 2 - $63.00

New Buy 3 - $21.95

Contemporary World

*No text required

Fundamentals of Reading

Reading for Success

Used Buy - $63.95

Used Rent - $38.00

Intro to Problem Solving Skills

Winning at Math

Used Buy - $23.95

Used Rent - $14.00

Transition Seminar On Course

Used Buy - $39.95

Used Rent - $24.00


Fitness and Wellness

Used Buy - $89.95

Used Rent - $54.00

Campus Partner Workshop Speakers 2022

Event Title Office Department
Brandon Tollett Dean of Students ESC 131 Student Development
Ashlee Giles Director of Enrollment initiatives CB 100 Decision Making in College
Jeff Crow Director of Safety & Emergency Management ESC 131 Safety & Emergency Management
Christa Neal Title IX Coordinator/Program Advisor-Comm. & Family Ser. BPBB 131 Title IX
Jennifer Forthman BBA Employee-Bookstore ESC BKS Bookstore
Adam Wheat Director of Career & Calling CB 125 Career & Calling/Discover Program
Tim Harrell Director of Student Life ESC Student Life
Shane Seaton Director of Recreational Life ESC Recreational Life
Dr. Casey Motl Interim Dean-Soc.Sci./Professor/Hill Chair of History MCC 200 W.H. Sutton School of Social Sciences
Judy Duvall Director Elrod Center EC Elrod Center
James Taylor Director of Campus Ministries ESC 303 Campus Ministries
Dan Jarboe University Counselor ESC 135 Counseling Services
Jason Greenwich Director-Grant Center for International Education LH 104 International Education
Michael Barnes Director of Multicultural Student Programs LH 107 Multicultural Student Programs
Karen Matros Director of Student Financial Services CB 130 Financial Services
Autumn Mortenson Reference/Circulation Librarian RHL Library
Susan Atkinson Registrar and Director of Admissions CB 210 Registrar
Dr. Ryan Lewis Associate Professor of Music - Percussion MFA 205 Division of Music
Dr. Wesley Kluck University Physician ESC 220 Health Services



  • Classes will begin on July 6 and end on Aug. 3.
  • Move-in for program participants will be on July 5 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Residence Life and Housing Packing Tips



The program covers FREE room and board and the cost of tuition. There is a $50 registration fee, and students will be responsible for purchasing their books. This is up to a $4,500 savings!

Students may see a charge on their account balance, however a scholarship will be applied which will cover the tuition, room, and board costs.



  • Students who are required to take an Academic Skills (ASKL) courses
  • Students who are first-generation college students
  • Students who identify as students of color



  • Bible Survey
  • College Algebra
  • Composition I (Special Studies)
  • Contemporary World
  • Fundamentals of Reading
  • Introduction to Problem Solving
  • Transition Seminar
  • Wellness



  • Receive up to 6 college credit hours for attending.
  • Opportunity for you to acclimate to the campus environment and receive a head start to college.
  • Receive an overview of available resources campus-wide.
  • Opportunity to establish relationships with other first-year students.
  • Gain the skills and knowledge needed to survive and thrive in your first semester.
  • Meet faculty, staff, and student leaders before the fall semester.
  • Work with tutors to set up a study schedule and success plan.

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