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Purpose: to stimulate creative thought and discussion about the nature and importance of respect in the OBU community

The Contest:

  • all students may enter projects in any or all categories: poster, opinion writing, video.
  • Alumni judges will choose a winner in each category and students will select a people's choice winner in each category.
  • Winners receive cash prizes: Video $600, people's choice $300; Opinion Writing $400, people's choice $200; Poster $400, people's choice $200.
  • All entries will be posted on the The Signal website: http://www.obusignal.com/. Voting for people's choice awards happens there.
  • Entry deadline is March 7.

The Rules:

  • Posters

    • Posters may consist of type-only, visuals only, or a balance of the two. However, the success of the poster will rely on the ability to relay the intended message quickly and effectively.

    • You may use any medium for your posters, but the final should be an electronic file, tiff or jpg, 11" x 17" with a resolution of 360 dpi.

    • The author must be willing for the poster to be published in either the print or online edition of The Signal, or both.

    • Posters should be e-mailed to signal@obu.edu or put on a CD and dropped off at the Signal office.

    • Alumni judges will rate entries based on the following criteria

      •  Did the entrant abide by the restrictions rules and guidelines of the contest?

      • Does the poster catch your attention? (25%)

      • Does the poster have a clear message ? (25%)

      • Does the poster use an original visual approach to relay the message? (25%)

      • Did the entrant make an appropriate choice of typography and visuals? Is the poster a pleasing and appropriate composition? (25%)
  • Opinion Writing

    • Opinion articles may be submitted on any topic related to this year's theme: Respect.

    • Writers may focus on their own point of view, but the judges will look for evidence of research and a logical order of reasoning.

    • Examples may be varied, but the point of the opinion piece should be applicable to the OBU community.

    • Opinion articles will be 500 words or fewer and turned in on time.

    • The author must be willing for the article to be published in either the print or online edition of The Signal, or both.

    • Articles must be e-mailed to signal@obu.edu. Paper copies will not be accepted.

    • Judges will rank opinion entries on the following criteria:

      • Did the entrant abide by the rules of the contest?

      • Is the thesis stated clearly? (25%)

      • Is the argument supported by appropriate research? Is the research clearly referenced? (25%)

      • Is the argument supported by logical reasoning? (25%)

      • Is the argument applicable to the Ouachita Baptist University community? (25%)
  • Video

    • Entrants may use camcorder, cell phone, DSLR or other camera recorder unit.

    • Entrants establish either a Vimeo or YouTube account and upload their entry to the site.

    • Entrants provide Ouachita with the link to the project that can be shared with the judges.

    • Winning entries provide Ouachita with a high resolution version of the project.

    • Maximum length is 90 seconds.

    • Judges will rank video entries on the following criteria:

      • Did entrants abide by the restrictions, rules and guidelines established for the contest?

      • Clarity of the message—does the content make a clear connection with integrity and respect?   (25%)

      • Degree to which the message is memorable and/or thought-provoking—how well does it draw in the viewer and maintain attention?    (25%)

      • Creativity of the message—is the message original or something we haven’t seen before?   (25%)

      • Production values of the project—are the audio, video, editing, graphics near professional quality?   (25%)



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