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Meet The Worship Studies Advisory Board

Worship leaders who have experienced great success in ministry leadership have joined forces to assist with evaluating and improving the Worship Studies degree at Ouachita. Their wisdom and experience will assist us in providing the best possible educational opportunity to prepare students for “any church, any size, any style!” 

Here’s what they have to say: 

Mark Maier

"These are exciting days within Ouachita’s School of Music, and specifically the new, fresh refocusing of Worship Studies.  OBU is committed to investing in future worship leaders.  If you have students, or are a student considering serving the Lord through music, I would highly recommend OBU as a viable training ground for this ever-changing climate in the church.  Whatever style of music the church employs, OBU can prepare students to effectively navigate and lead well.  As a proud graduate of the School of Music, I am honored to endorse this fine institution."

Mark Maier, Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church (Rogers, Ark.)


Rick Briscoe"After 37 years of full-time worship ministry since graduating from Ouachita’s School of Music, the personal and academic influence of each of my professors, while at OBU, has played a major role on the platform of my life’s ministry call. Now decades later, I’m thrilled to be serving on Ouachita’s worship studies advisory board in collaboration with fellow worship pastors - for bringing fresh examination and evaluation of Ouachita’s current Worship Studies degree. I’m confident that the next generation of young worship leaders will be practically and spiritually prepared at Ouachita for effectively leading The Church into the presence of God through authentic, biblical worship. These are exciting days for my wonderful alma-mater!"

Rick Briscoe, Associate Pastor of Worship at Prestonwood Baptist Church (Plano, Texas)


Jim Daniel“There is something special taking place on the campus of Ouachita Baptist University as the Lord stirs the hearts of the next generation of worshipers and worship leaders. The faculty and staff of OBU are laboring to equip students with a rich biblical theology, coupled with excellent musicianship as they prepare to lead congregations in worship. I am excited to see what happens in our local churches as these students continue to pour into leadership positions across Arkansas.”

Jim Daniel, Pastor of Worship and Discipleship at First Baptist Church (Centerton, Ark.)


Robert Ramsey"There is a focus being placed on worship studies at Ouachita that will equip generations of worship pastors/leaders to fulfill God’s calling on their lives. Times are constantly changing, and I am excited to know students are being prepared with the tools needed to lead with vision and purpose.”

Robert Ramsey, Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church (Russellville, Ark.)


David McKinney“I couldn’t be more thrilled about having a dynamic worship degree program right here in the state of Arkansas! I’m proud to call myself an Arkansan, I love Arkansans, and the potential of raising up young Arkansans to be the next generation of worship leaders makes me excited about the future for Ouachita!”

David McKinney, Lead Worship Pastor at Cross Church (Springdale, Ark.)


Alex Jones“Worship pastors have a special opportunity to communicate, grow and love people through music. This opportunity comes with the responsibility of setting the example for how the Church is to worship the Lord. I am honored and so excited to play a part in the development of the next generation of worship leaders and pastors through the OBU Worship Advisory Board. This team is blessed with tremendously gifted leaders and pastors who work hard to consider the qualifications and proficiencies of biblical worshipers.”

Alex Jones, Student Worship Associate at Prestonwood Baptist Church (Dallas, Texas)


Jeff Stotts“Though I didn’t know the diverse and God-sized tasks that were before me in ministry, God used my experiences at Ouachita to equip me with the tools, skills, and relationships I needed! The Worship Studies staff at Ouachita is committed to doing what it takes to best equip the next generation of worship leaders for His glory! By partnering with seasoned worship pastors, the OBU Worship Studies program will be better equipped than ever to follow current trends, provide hands-on opportunities, and navigate the challenges of the worship ministry in the church today."

Jeff Stotts, Worship Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church (Texarkana, Ark.)

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