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Chapel at Ouachita

Weekly chapel programs have been a part of the Ouachita tradition since its founding. The programs are designed to deepen the students’ spiritual lives, to broaden their cultural appreciation and to realize their roles as part of the Ouachita community. Thus, the values held dear at Ouachita since 1886 are transmitted to each student generation through worship, information and shared moments in time. Chapel programs are coordinated by Campus Ministries.

Attendance Requirements

  • All full-time Ouachita students are required to attend chapel until 7 chapel credits have been earned.
  • To earn one chapel credit, a student must attend at least 75% of the regularly scheduled chapel services during a semester.
  • In exceptional circumstances, students who are deficient in chapel credits may be allowed to enroll in Chapel Makeup I or II through the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • OPEN CHAPEL: Juniors or seniors may opt to take an open chapel for one semester. The student may pre-register for open chapel during the normal pre-registration process. Contact your advisor or the Office of Student Development for more information.
  • Transfer or accelerated students who are unable to earn 7 credits must earn as many credits as the number of regular semesters they are in residence for their Ouachita degrees.
  • See additional provisions in the academic catalog.

The Cotton Cordell Endowment, Elma Cobb Enrichment Fund, and the Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation have kindly provided funds to pay the cost for travel, honoraria and other expenses related to the chapel programs in order to maintain a high quality in the selection of speakers and other types of presentations. It is the hope of the donors that the programs will serve ultimately as a positive Christian influence upon the lives of many generations of students.

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