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Sample Schedule

Sample Degree Plan for a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at Ouachita Baptist University


Freshman Year (Fall Semester)

Course Hours
Composition I 3
Concepts of Wellness/Health and Safety/Outdoor Leisure Pursuits 2/3/3
Introduction to Dietetics 1
Micro Computer Applications 3
Nutrition 3
OBU Connections 2
Survey of the Bible 3


Freshman Year (Spring Semester)

Course Hours
College Algebra 3
Contemporary World 3
General Biology I 4
Foods 3
Interpreting the Bible 3


Sophomore Year (Fall Semester)

Course Hours
World Literature 3
Community & Life Cycle Nutrition 3
Fundamentals of Chemistry 4
Personal Finance/Public Speaking 3
Sports Nutrition 3


Sophomore Year (Spring Semester)

Course Hours
Fundamentals of Organic and Biological Chemistry 4
General Psychology/Introduction to Sociology 3
Nutrition Counseling and Education 3
Western Civilization 3
Fine Art/Music/Theater 3


Junior Year (Fall Semester)

Course Hours
Food Systems Management 3
Human Anatomy and Physiology I (suggested)* 4
Human Resources Management 2
Nutritional Biochemistry 3
Spanish I (any offered foreign language) 3
*Human Anatomy and Physiology I is not a degree requirement. However, it is a greatly beneficial prerequisite to Human Anatomy and Physiology II.

Junior Year (Spring Semester)

Course Hours
Advanced Nutrition 3
American National Government/American Civilization 3
Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
Nutrition Assessment 3
Spanish II (any offered foreign language)** 3

**Must be the second semester of the same foreign language taken previously.

Senior Year (Fall Semester)

Course Hours
Elementary Statistics 3
Medical Nutrition Therapy I 3
Practicum I 1
Research in Dietetics 2
Senior Seminar in Dietetics 1
Technical & Professional Writing 3
Applied Microbiology 4


Senior Year (Spring Semester)

Course Hours
Arts Engagement 1
Experimental Food Science 4
Medical Nutrition Therapy II 3
Practicum II 1
Electives TBD
  9 + Elective Hours



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