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The mission of the Ouachita Nursing Department prepares the graduate for the role as a generalist nurse. Our programs are built upon the liberal arts, the philosophy of Christian ideals, nursing standards, and nursing ethics. Core values of faith, scholarship, growth, community, service and character are emphasized. Students are prepared to utilize evidenced based research findings to provide holistic care to diverse individual clients and communities locally and across the globe throughout the lifespan in structured and unstructured health care settings.


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Integrate interprofessional and intraprofessional skills to communicate effectively with healthcare professionals, individuals, families/groups to provide cost effective and quality care.
  2. Analyze appropriate concepts synthesized from the humanities, social, physical, and behavioral sciences in meeting the physiological, psychological, spiritual, and sociocultural principles to foster self- growth as well as meet the needs of the individual/group or community.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of competent care to individuals, families/groups, and global areas across the life span in structured and unstructured settings using critical thinking, clinical judgement, and decision making while using the nursing/research process.
  4. Manage professional, cultural, spiritual, and ethical competent congruent care that reflects dignity and uniqueness to individuals, families/groups, and community.
  5. Assess leadership and management skills and knowledge of health policy and health services guided by the Christian faith to improve interventions used to promote and maintain healthy lifestyles of individuals, families/groups, and communities across the life span.
  6. Apply the knowledge and skills of information management and patient care technology to deliver nursing care that addresses legal, ethical, and emerging issues.


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