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ROTC Training

Members of the Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University joint Army ROTC travel to Camp Robinson, Little Rock, AR in the Fall semester and Spring semester. FTX (Field Training Exercise) is a weekend training where cadets receive hands on instruction in various areas of combat techniques. Instructors spend time with them both in the classroom and out in the field. Some of these exercises may include: Day and night land navigation, Squad Training Exercises (STX Lanes), Field Leaders Reaction Course (FLRC), Field Craft and First Aid.

  • Land Navigation - Practice makes perfect when it comes to Land Navigation. Cadets work to plot all the points before he/she begins their course, because with only a map, compass, and protractor the smallest mistake means the difference between becoming lost or finishing the course.
  • Rappelling - Rappelling is one of the many types of physical training that builds confidence. Cadets participate in rappelling, ropes courses and more.
  • Ranger Challenge - is an elite group of cadets chosen to compete with other cadets from our partner schools to participate in field and exercise competitions.
  • Combat Water Survival Training - As part of the Military Science coursework, all cadets participate in Combat Water Survival Training.
  • Road March - Cadets learn tactical foot movements while carrying military style equipment and loads.
  • Classroom Training - Cadets learn Army values and ethics, study historical examples of leadership, hear from distinguished guests and are trained in squad/team tactics in and out of the classroom.
  • Weapons Training- Cadets take part in combat simulations with paintball equipment and learn the basics of an M16 in Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) training.
  • Field Training - Cadets are exposed to land navigation skills, put squad tactics to use in completing a mission.
  • Feedback - Instructors and Cadet Leaders constantly advise Cadets on how they are progressing in their leadership skills, and how they can perform better.

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