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Freshman Courses

 The freshman courses listed below are designed to strengthen knowledge and skills that will help you in other areas of study and give you the foundation for Ouachita’s approach to a Christian liberal arts education. Your class schedule will include some of these, as well as some courses in your intended or possible major.

CORE 1002: OBU Connections (2 credit hours)
This course introduces first-year students to higher education in the context of a liberal arts education and helps students begin developing skills and disciplines necessary for academic success and for life beyond college. Most freshmen will take this course in their first semester at Ouachita.

CORE 1023: The Contemporary World (3 credit hours)
In this course students examine current events and their geographical, cultural, and political contexts.

CORE 1043: Composition I (3 credit hours)
The first of three courses in the University Writing Program, Composition I helps students understand and practice effective writing, including correct grammar and mechanics. It also introduces students to academic research and documentation of sources. Most freshmen will take this course in their first semester at Ouachita.

CORE 1113: Survey of the Bible and CORE 1123: Interpreting the Bible (3 credit hours each)
These two required courses provide students with a solid foundation in Biblical studies. The first course surveys the redemptive story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, emphasizing how that story shapes the Christian’s worldview and affects life decisions. The second focuses on developing the skills necessary for valid interpretation and application of the Bible.

MATH 1003: College Algebra or MATH 1033: Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (3 credit hours)
Advisors will guide students in their choice of the appropriate math course based on aptitude and on requirements for their intended major. (Note: Students with ACT math scores of 23 or above may choose Logic or Introduction to Philosophy to meet this requirement.)

KIN 1002: Concepts of Wellness (2 credit hours)
This course introduces students to personal fitness needs and encourages them to develop lifetime personal fitness goals and basic fitness competencies. This requirement may also be met by taking KIN 2073: Health & Safety or LST 2013: Outdoor Leisure Pursuits.

COMM 1003: Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3 credit hours)
This course in basic skills for effective oral presentations is an option within the Ouachita Core.

Foreign Language: Students are encouraged to complete the two-semester foreign language requirement within the first two years at Ouachita. Languages offered include French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish.

Additional Classes to Consider
The following courses are numbered at the sophomore level but are also open to freshmen. If you have already completed or will receive credit for some of the required courses listed above, you may want to consider taking one of these courses.

CORE 2213: Western Civilization in Global Context (3 credit hours)
Students will complete a survey of Western civilization from the prehistoric era to the present, with special emphasis on the relationship between political, religious, social, economic and ethical movements in the West and other major world civilizations.

CORE 2233: World Literature (3 credit hours)
Students will read and write about diverse texts from multiple literary traditions with particular attention to their genres and historical-cultural contexts.

FINN 2003: Personal Finance (3 credit hours)
This course helps students develop financial literacy and practical skills in money management. It is an option within the Ouachita Core.

 PSCI 2013: American National Government (3 credit hours)
This course explores the structure and dynamics of American national government, providing a broad-based introduction to the ideas and institutions that shape politics in the contemporary United States.

HIST 2003: United States History to 1877 (3 credit hours)
This course surveys the forces that helped shape American economic, cultural, and political institutions from 1492 to 1877.

HIST 2013: United States History Since 1877 (3 credit hours)
This course surveys the forces that helped shape American economic, cultural, and political institutions from 1877 to the present.

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