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University Writing and Oral Communication

University Writing and Oral Communication

The university writing and oral communication programs provide a structure for students to acquire and develop college-level communication skills. Articulate communication—along with the habits of thinking it requires—is one of the most important hallmarks of an educated person. The Ouachita graduate will not only be introduced to the basics of written and oral communication, but will practice these important skills in the context of their major field of study. Courses in the major that meet the writing and oral communication requirements are designated by the department and approved by the appropriate coordinator.


Writing Program

Doug Sonheim, Coordinator

Students must complete a series of three College Writing courses. In their first year, students must complete the College Writing 1 requirement by taking CORE 1043: Composition I or its equivalent. Students complete the College Writing 2 requirement by taking an approved writing course in the major, an approved writing course in the English Department, or CORE 2053: Composition II. During the junior or senior year, students will take an approved upper-level course in the major to meet the College Writing 3 requirement.


Oral Communication Program

Rebecca Jones, Coordinator

All students must have an oral intensive experience that includes three components – instruction in public speaking, multiple presentations, and feedback. Departmental faculty will design, and the coordinator approve, the structure of the oral communication experience within each major.

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