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Tiger Tunes 2020 goes digital!


“Tunes REWIND” to stream live Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. In-person performances postponed until spring. 

In an effort to protect our students and guests in the COVID-19 environment, we are unable to host live Tiger Tunes performances this fall. While Tiger Tunes in its typical form is paused for now, we hope to host a live Tiger Tunes weekend on campus this spring if health guidelines allow. Dates will be announced as soon as possible.

That being said, Tiger Tunes 2020 will be streamed online Saturday, October 3, 2020, at 7:30 p.m. with the theme “Tunes REWIND.” 

Our 2020 Tiger Tunes Hosts & Hostesses will perform this year’s selections (12 feet apart as per CDC guidelines!) as they host this online Tunes REWIND experience. 

Each club or group that was slated to perform at Tiger Tunes this fall will be sent a selection of their own past shows for which we have good quality video recordings. Each group’s members and alumni will vote for their favorite show, and each group’s selection will not be released until the Oct. 3 livestream. New videos, club intros and more will be woven into the show.

During the show, students, alumni and friends can text to give (similar to typical years’ People’s Choice voting) to select the winners of Tunes 2020. The winners will be awarded on stage in JPAC at the end of the broadcast and will be considered the official winners of Tiger Tunes 2020. No guests will be allowed in JPAC for awards. 

We appreciate your support of OSF and its mission of “students helping students” and hope you’ll join us by hosting watch parties and making scholarship donations surrounding Tunes REWIND. Stay tuned for additional details!



Tiger Tunes 2020 FAQ


Will there still be a live Tiger Tunes performance in the 2020-2021 school year?

That is the plan! While we are unable to gather and perform in JPAC this fall, we hope to announce dates for a live spring show soon.

Why can’t Tiger Tunes happen in the fall?

We know that practicing physical distancing is one of the best ways to slow the spread of COVID-19. The CDC and Arkansas Department of Health confirm this and provide guidelines for large gatherings and performances that would greatly change the experience for our performers and guests. For example, current JPAC audience capacity, maintaining 6 feet distance would be significantly cut from its normal 1,500. Performers also must maintain 6 feet distance with masks on or 12 feet distance without masks; this would limit the number of students who could participate dramatically. Rehearsals also would be nearly impossible. We would rather be patient and deliver a more complete Tunes experience for our students and guests later in the year. Tunes REWIND allows us to keep our community safe as we seek to “Take Care, Tigers” this semester but still celebrate Tiger Tunes as one of our favorite Ouachita traditions.

Will there be a cost to tune in to Tunes REWIND?

No. The show will be streamed for free. Those watching will be encouraged to donate the cost of the ticket they would have purchased since Tunes is the premier student scholarship fundraiser for the Ouachita Student Foundation, typically raising more than $100,000 each year for students to continue their education at Ouachita. We still want to be able to pass along that financial blessing to our students at whatever level possible.

Will there be Hosts & Hostesses at Tunes REWIND?

Yes. Our 2020 Tiger Tunes Hosts & Hostesses will perform their songs for this year throughout the broadcast, with the goal that the same group will preform at the live spring Tunes performance. Song selections may vary.

What club shows will be shown at Tunes REWIND?

Students and alumni from each group that was scheduled to perform at Tunes 2020 will be able to vote from a slate of past shows to pick their show that will be featured in Tunes REWIND. Groups will not know which of their shows won the vote until the streaming event.

For a show to be considered, it must have been performed in 2016 or before, except for Chi Mu which would only have one option. Chi Mu members and alumni can choose between 2016, 2017 or 2018. We are currently looking for additional video for the newly re-charted Gamma Phi members and alumni to vote on since only one show is in the digital archives. If you have footage from past Gamma Phi shows, please e-mail

In addition to club and group shows, Tiger Blast members and alumni will be voting on their favorite show to be included as well. In addition to these groups that were slated to be a part of this year’s show, clubs that are no longer on campus or participating in Tunes will be able to vote on shows to be featured in the pre-show. This will include groups like Chi Iota Sigma, Chi Rho Phi, the International Club, Sigma Alpha Sigma and the Men of the Fourth Floor. These groups will be able to compete by text-to-give to win the pre-show and this award will be presented at the end of the night as well.


Will a group win Tunes REWIND?

Yes. Since each of the shows competing will have already been judged, they will not be judged again; however, the winners will be selected by People’s Choice through the text-to-give platform we’ve used the past couple of years. 


Will the stream of Tunes REWIND be available to watch after the event?

Yes. The event will be archived and a link will be provided to watch after the broadcast.   

Will my Pick-A-Seat Package still be valid for Tiger Tunes in the Spring?

Yes. All Pick-A-Seat Packages will be held for you until we are able to host Tiger Tunes in JPAC again.


When will a spring Tiger Tunes date be set?

Information will be available no later than January 15, 2021.

Do you plan to have Tiger Tunes in the fall of 2021, too?

Yes. Tiger Tunes was staged in back-to-back spring/fall semesters one other time in history, 1987.


Where can I find old Tiger Tunes shows to see which ones might be in the running?

Everything we’ve been able to locate is available here:


I have copies of shows not listed. How can I get them on the site?

You can e-mail us at and we’ll work out getting those to campus and sent back to you if you’d like.


When will club/org voting begin?

We plan to e-mail out voting instructions by the end of August. Voting will be open for a couple of weeks so we can have time to put the show together for the livestream.


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