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Tiger Tunes Lyrics

BETA Beach Boys



Surfin’ OBU

If every BETA had an ocean
Instead of Lake DeGray
Then every BETA’d be surfin’
Like Ca-li-for-ni-a
We’d be wearin’ our glasses
And our swimsuits too
Every BETA’d be surfin’
Surfin’ OBU


Fat Bottomed Girls

Oh, we need our beach bods back tonight
Oh, A-Town Fitness gonna get us right
Oh, gotta be strong so we won’t drown
BETA BETA beach boys we make them weights go up and down


Blinded by the White

BETAs on the shore got our surfboards
Trying to get a good tan
Layin’ in the sand, lookin’ good is our plan
At least we look as good as we can

We see Gabe over there, he was lookin’ kinda scared
I think he’s about to cry
He was lookin’ real down and we made him turn around
And we couldn’t believe our eyes

And we were blinded by the white
Had to cover our face to keep from burnin’ our eyes
Blinded by the white
We were blinded by the white



Bros at the beach should have known it was hot
No sunscreen on us cause we all forgot
Red on my back, bro, please don't touch that spot
Can't surf on the waves, sunburn hurting a lot
Can't tackle each other, can't lay in the sand
Came here to look good, the sun ruined our tan
l just don't know how we all forgot
That we'd be at the beach, should've known it was hot


BETA Got Boards

Oh. My. Gosh. Look at his board

I like big boards and I cannot lie
My BETA brothers can’t deny
We surf our wave, we shred all day
And if you surf our way you get splashed

And when the waves get rough, yeah that’s our stuff
So BETAs (yeah)
BETAs (yeah)
Are we gonna win second place (oh yeah)
So surf it (surf it)
So surf it (surf it)
Surf that gnarly wave, BETA got boards


Hey Dude

Hey dude, you stole my wave
Didn’t like mine, thought yours was better
I’m sorry if it broke your heart
That’s alright, let's surf together

Hey dude, you touched my leg
No I didn’t, it’s in the water
Oh no dude, I think it may be a shark
The water feels warmer and this just got awkward


Dark Horse

Are you ready for, ready for
I gotta get to shore, get to shore
Cause now you’re mine, now you’re mine, it’s a shark attack


I Will Survive

First we were afraid, we were petrified
Thinking we could never live without him by our side
We have surfed so many waves, how could this have gone so wrong
The shark was strong, and our bro was almost gone but now he’s back


Hey Ya!

1, 2, 3, UH
My BETA’s don’t mess around because we love the show

And this we know fo’ sho’
BETA boys since 1941 hang loose and hangout ‘til the sun goes low
Survived the shark attack, my homies got my back because we took that vow
Thank God for all my brothers from another mother as we take a bow


Hey Dude

We are the BETA BETA, BETA BETA of Ouachita
We are the BETA BETA, BETA BETA my dude

CM Marathon

Campus Ministries


NEWS ANCHOR: "Well, hello Ouachita community, it is a bright and beautiful day for a marathon. We are here, watching these athletes prepare for the race of a lifetime. Let's check in and see how they’re feeling."


We’re stretching now

Because today is racing day

Kinda stressed, but we shake it off
A lot to prove, tying our shoes
Need to be brave, have to be brave
Ready to start, he takes his aim
Fire away, fire away
A lot of miles, it is the dawn
(of) the Ouachita Marathon
We will be pushed, our fears are gone
This is a marathon


Don't Stop til you Get Enough

We’re the experts (experts)
At the front right now
Just waiting (waiting)
To break away somehow
Keep on, gotta set our pace (don't stop)
Don't stop 'til you get first place
Keep on, we are in this race (don't stop)
Don't stop 'til you get first place
Keep on, it's a crazy chase (don't stop)
Don't stop 'til you get first place
Keep on, with a strong game face (don't stop)
Don't stop 'til we get first place


Crazy in Love 

Yooooo (whoo, ow)
It's so crazy, Mile 8
Most incredibly, let's check on these girls, aye

We are moms and we’re stuntin' right now

Our kids on our backs, but we’re burnin' it down
Looking so pretty, ya know
It's got us sweatin, it's a hot girl marathon  


Sweet Escape

Woo hoo, yee hoo
Woo hoo, yee hoo
I don't feel great
A grandmother who’s running a race
I must apologize for dancing, skipping, fallin' on my face
But I've been trying to prove, trained my body to move
I am 80, and I possess all the right groove
Maybe that's the reason the docs would not approve



And we are here on Mile 16, they all start to pray
The runners are getting thirsty
They need something to help them out
Water cups
They are depleted but we’re here to serve
Water cups
We are just giving something they deserve
Water cups
Pouring, and serving the marathon
Water cups
We will keep cheering til they are done


I'm Still Standing

We could have never known what it's like
Mile 22 and we’re about to die
And we need some inspiration to get us through
Or we’ll wind up like a piece of gum stuck underneath our shoes

But don’t ya know we’re still trying not to get the runs 
We race past the porta potties, gee that is no fun
We see these signs tellin' us to hold on tight
We are gonna put all of our heads down and run with all our might
We’re still racing, yeah, yeah, yeah

NEWS ANCHOR: “Here we are at the end the Ouachita Marathon! Most have already finished. Let's check in on our last few stragglers.”


The Climb

We can almost see it
Our legs are screaming
And look around, we’re the last two racers, maybe we should quit it
But I, I gotta move on
And finish this marathon
There's always gonna be an untied shoelace
Always gonna be a muscle cramp
Always gonna have a little chaffing 
But we fight to be the champs
It's not about how fast we get there
It's not about all of these mile signs
It's the finish line 


Forget You

You know we just crossed the line
And we’re really tired, but guess what
We're through, oh oh
(Ooh, ooh, ooh)
I guess the guy in the costume was really fast
We're through
And so are our shoes
Yeah I'm sorry, almost missed the party
But that didn’t stop me from finishing
Just broke my ankle, but that's no biggie
Just happy we all made it through
Our worries are gone
From this marathon
(we earned some cool medals)
(gonna let our feet settle)
oh oh
We’ve got some news for you


Go the Distance

We have found our way, yes, we went the distance
We have crossed that line, our friends we did lean on
We know every mile was worth our while
We can go most anywhere, we’re CM Marathon

Chi Delta Disco

Chi Delta


Dancing Queen 

We can dance
We can jive
Having the time of our lives
Ooh, Chi Delta girl
Watch that scene
Digging that disco queen


ANNOUNCER: “Alright everybody! Pick your teams and get ready. Who will be our disco champions?” 


No More Mister Nice Guy

He said
Disco competition
No more sisterhood
Disco competition
He said dance quick, dance good
Disco competition
No more sisterhood


Play That Funky Music

Yeah, we're just dancing and singing
And fightin’ for the title
We just have to practice
Somebody turned around and shouted
Dance to disco music, daisy
Dance to disco music, right
Dance to disco music, daisy



All we gotta do is practice and repeat
Chi Delta, we wanna be
Disco queens, just gotta be
At the top, Chi Delta, disco queens
Baby, all of us girls


The Boys are Back in Town  

The beaus ain’t backin’ down
The beaus ain’t backin’ down
The beaus ain’t backin’ down
The beaus ain’t backin’ down
The beaus are back, the beaus are back


ANNOUNCER: “Everybody get in your places – the competition is about to begin!”


It’s Raining Men 

For the first time since '70
We’re gonna be disco queens (be disco queens)
We’re disco queens, hallelujah, we’re disco queens, amen


I Want You Back

When we all first started this, we didn’t think we could win
Our pretty letters always made us stand out in the crowd
But we practiced all day long, one chance is all we got
Now it’s way too late for us to lose all we were taught


That’s the Way

We’re gonna win, aha, aha
We know it, aha, aha
We’re gonna win, aha, aha
We know it, aha, aha
We’re gonna win, aha, aha
We know it, aha, aha
We’re gonna win, aha, aha
We know it, aha, aha


It’s Raining Men

Gonna show out, we’re gonna prove to them we’re
Absolutely number one
We’re disco queens, hallelujah
We’re disco queens, it is meant to be


I Want You Back

Oh, baby, we have got to win (to show ‘em that we’re worth it)
Won’t you please let us show you our skills
Oh, darlin’, you’d be blind to let us lose (let us lose, baby)
But now since you’ve seen us on this stage (we need to win)


That’s the Way

We’re gonna win, aha, aha
We know it, aha, aha
We’re gonna win, aha, aha
We know it, aha, aha
We’re gonna win, aha, aha
We know it, aha, aha
We’re gonna win, aha, aha
We know it, aha, aha


You’re The One That I Want

Y’all got skills, there’s no denying
And I’m holding results
‘Cause the judges are not lying
It’s the beaus

We gotta shape up
Cause we need a plan
And apart we always lose
We gotta shape up
We gotta understand
To our club we must be true


Take a Chance

We can’t just break up like this
Our club is full of pure bliss, but I think y’all know
That we can’t let go

If we fall apart
It’ll break my heart
Honey, we’re still here
After 50 years
If you need us, let us know
Gonna stick around
We will always love you so
When you’re feeling down


We Are Family

This is our sisterhood
We are Chi Delta
We got all our sisters with us
We are Chi Delta
Get up everybody and dance
We are Chi Delta
We got all our sisters with us
We are Chi Delta
Get up everybody and dance

Chi Mu Queens

Chi Mu


Kings and Queens

From JPAC we’re live, in twenty-twenty-two
We’re the queens and sisters of Chi Mu
Don’t get in our way or tell us what to do
'Cuz baby, then we’ll show you who rules who

Small in numbers, but we will never stop living large
Never shake us, or break us, cuz we’re out here taking charge
More than just a pretty face
We’ll take a stand and earn our place
We’ll win this year with smiles on our face (ah ah ah)


Poor Unfortunate Souls


Poor unfortunate queens
You’re so naïve
While you sang your little intro there, we went and found your king
And we stole him? Yes, indeed

You poor unfortunate queens
What will you do
If you want to see the king again, you’re gonna have to pay
Or we kill him? Yes, we do



Help! I’m strong and handsome
(Help) And I’m being held for ransom
(Help) Can someone set me free


I’ll Make a Man Out of You

Let’s get down to business
And defend the throne (HWAA!)
Though they think we’re worthless
Little do they know
All the kingdom says we’ll never win
But wait and see what we can do
Fear the girls
In the peach, cream and blue


Hollaback Girl

Uh huh, we’re the knights
We’re the ones gonna fight this fight

It’s best if you could all agree
That the rescue mission be left to me
'Cuz you ain’t got what it takes, girl
You best put on the brakes, girl

There’s something messing with your head
If you go in there, gonna wind up dead
'Cuz a dragon fight is rough, girl
You’ll never be enough, girl 


Don’t Stop Me Now

Not backing down
We’ll stand our ground and be brave now, not gonna cave now
We’re warriors, armored with the heart
Of a Tiger
We know with our sisters, we’ll go far
You may say that we don’t have what it takes
But we’re stronger together
And finally, you’ll see just who we are

We’re more than just a crown, yeah
We came here to slay, and we won’t stop until the mission’s through
We’re C-H-I-M-U
We’ll finally be making Tiger Tunes history

Long live the queens
Nobody will defeat us, we’re winnin’ tonight
Long live the queens
If the dragons wanna beat us, we’ll give ‘em a fight  
Long live the queens ('cuz we’re changing the story)
Long live the queens (yeah, where we get the glory)
The queen’s gonna save the day


Pump It

Hup! Hup! Haaaaaa
We’ll save you
Hup! Hup! Haaaaaa

Slay the dragons (4x)

This is our battle cry
Take the enemy down

Hey, hey, hey
Who wanna rail on us (who)
Assailin’ us (who)
They never gonna get to us (why)
Because we’re fabulous (what)
Gonna talk down to us (come on)
Those dragons ain’t draggin’ on us (no)
They can’t handle us when we be shoutin’, “Off with their heads!”
Heads, heads
Be tryin’ to evade us
Don’t underestimate us
They may say "God save the queen" but not when we
K-I-N-G, save the king
Stop and watch us do our thing


Dancing Queen 

We are the Chi Mu queens
Strong and sweet since 2015
As a team
There’s nothing that we can’t achieve (oh, yeah)
Raise your swords, raise them high
Friends, side by side, ride or die (oooo)
And we will always be
Chi Mu royalty

EEE Reporting Live



Walking on Sunshine

"Good Morning! This is Channel 25 News! Congratulations! You got the weather reporting job! We will see you bright and early!"

It’s four in the morning (too early)

Can’t sleep anymore

Reporting the weather today

Let’s get out the door
I hope I get a story this morning

Could be my big break
And I just can’t wait till I get to report nightly news
We’re weather reporters, oh oh

Weather is our beat, oh oh

The best reporters, oh oh

The Women of E


DIRECTOR: "Good morning! I would like to inform you that there is an opening for a news anchor position, and we will hire from within!"


Uptown Girl

SOLO: O. M. G. I can’t believe they need an anchor-girl

They’ll absolutely want to hire me
I’ve got a voice that no one else can beat
This job’s for me

BEAU: Reporter girl
Don’t get your hopes up, cause I’m next in line

I’ve been the sports guy for a long, long time

Darlin', a girl could never take what’s mine

SOLO: Okay, game on


DIRECTOR: "And now let’s hear from our chief meteorologist."


Eye of the Tiger

So I’m afraid a storm’s coming fast
This is one for the records
Drive with caution, the roads will get bad

But take heart, it will be over soon
It’s the eye of the storm
but the sun will come out
Waking up from behind the storm clouds

We would prefer a rainbow but

The storm’s coming now

And we promise to update you soon on the weather



It’s time to go report the weather
This drive is long and miserable
We hate this van, it’s really smelly

DRIVER: Please buckle up, cause I can’t see

DIRECTOR: Reporters! We’re live at the scene in 5... 4... 3... 2...


Holding Out for a Hero

WEATHER REPORTER: "This storm is about to get a lot worse. Tell me what you’ve seen so far!"

BROOKS: "Well, it has been raining nonstop, but there ain’t been much wind or thunder."

WEATHER REPORTER: "I can assure you, there is plenty of wind and thunder coming our way!"

SAM: "Should we take cover?"

WEATHER REPORTER: "That’s a great idea! You heard it here! Take cover!"

This is a downpour
We know you’re scared 'cause it’s coming to the center of town

The wind’s really strong, so you have to go fast
Because the storm’s almost here
Watch out for lightning
Everyone needs to stay safely inside
You really can’t drive, 'cause the flooding is bad
Let’s keep our community safe
From the rain storm

BAKER: "Wow, they are reporting really well ... I think they’re going to get the promotion."

ANDREW: "How do we stop them?"

BAKER: "Let’s leave them here!"



SOLO: Listen up, EEEs, the van just left
I guess the sports reporters couldn’t handle us

EEEs, please gather round

It's time to make a game plan

They want us fired, so we have to make it to the station

We won’t go down quite this easy
'Cause we know those guys are sleazy

But this thunder’s getting louder
So we better get back quickly

Someone’s coming (whoop whoop)

Look! It’s the E ambulance Emergency Responders

Will take us to the station
Let’s go quickly (okay)
And put those guys in their place

They will be packing up their stuff

Once we tell the director
They’re all traitors


Rolling in the Deep

Those sports guys are traitors

They left us in the storm


Under Pressure

You’re so fired

You can leave now


DIRECTOR: "Reporters, you’ve been promoted! You report live tomorrow night!"


Count on Me

We can’t believe we made it
These sisters have made all our dreams come true

We’re the reporter girls of EEE forever
This sisterhood is strong enough

To weather any storm that comes our way

'Cause that’s the legacy of EEE


Old Time Rock and Roll

We were never just the weather girls
We were the best reporters in the world

And we beat those sports guys for the job

We’re the anchors of EEE

We’ll always be a sisterhood
We will still wear our red and pearls

Reporting live since 19 twenty 5
We’ll continue the legacy (yeah)

Eta Alpha Omega Mall Cops

Eta Alpha Omega


Adventure of a Lifetime

Welcome to the mall, where we say
Everything you want’s a stop away
Cause we’re the mall cops in this place
And we fight crimes here
We like to ride Segways
We cruise around like we don’t care 



I woke up in the morning and daydreamed
Chocolate, sprinkles, jelly filled – I go nuts
You made me put on all these pounds 



We cannot believe our eyes
We’re shopping without our guys
Trying to spend all the cash we can 

A credit card to expend
And keep up with every trend
I found this cute bag, time to go check out

We think that we may never leave
Our favorite stores are opening
No kids, and there are bargains as far as the eye can see
‘Cause days like these are few and far between 


We Don’t Talk About Bruno

We don’t know who just robbed us (no no no)
Does anyone know who robbed us
He was five foot eleven
Dressed up in black
He had a jacket and a beanie, but left it at the scene
We don’t know how far he’s gone
We’re afraid he may leave (oh oh oh)
We don't know what to do (oh no oh no)
We don't know where to go (oh oh)


Dancing with Myself

Down the hall within our mall
We’ve run out of time to stall
There’s a need for correction, we just saw his reflection
And now we need to go go
Oh no there he goes (woah-oh)
Oh no there he goess (woah-oh)
He just ran past the cops and we don’t know if he’ll stop
Hey look! Oh there he goes (no no no)


Face Off 

We are mall cops
And we segway around
We are mall cops
How can we catch the crook now (RAHHHH) 
We got the brains, we got the brawn
We are the kings, he is the pawn
Prepare for dirt, grab the Dawn, til he is gone
Love handles all on our frames
Donuts movin’ the same
It’s not a game, 'cuz everybody knows our name
What do we need, though
Stayin’ alert with anticipation, if we wanna serve the people
Day to day, there’s no escapin’, put the hurt on what’s illegal
Right on it, when the perp is runnin' 
You won’t hide from it
Forget the drama and the diorama (wait, what?)
We comin’ for ya this howaaaaaa           


The Boys are Back

Stop right there, dirtbag, ‘cause
The cops are back, mall cops are back
Yeah we’re back, and we just caught the crook
And we know we look good
The cops are back, the cops are back
We’re up and down the halls ‘til we close the mall
We’re sure the town knows by now
The cops are back



When we work together, all for one (ooh)
It’s unstoppable to overcome
It’s kinda fun for us to do the work (ooh)
Maybe we should try to do it more
A O You know, mall cops know the way now
We caught the guy, when we thought it couldn't be done
You see that we’ve changed, now we’re just glad that the day is won
We know that you can’t find anyone else as good as us
We’re here to stay, won’t go away


Living My Best Life

This mall is where I’ll stay
Work here till my dying day
The men who wear a plastic badge and mustache among other things
We’ve arrived 
And we’re not crying (not yet)
We caught the bad guy
Walk with our heads high
We’re surprised it’s a job that we get paid to do
The work is a made dream
Since we have the best team
We’re the force that will serve you day and night
Mall cops have the best life (we have the best life)
Yeah, mall cops have the best life, yeah (we have the best life)
We’re the force that will serve day and night
Mall cops have the best life

Gamma Phi Aerobics

Gamma Phi


We made it all the way from Palm Beach to LA
We’re here to win a national championship
We’ve got the moves, the heart, plus check out our pearly whites
We’ve worked so hard, it’s time to show you why we've earned our stripes
We are the women of Gamma Phi

JJ: “Welcome to the 1986 National Aerobics Championships! I’m your beloved host JJ!”

JAZZY: “And I’m your host Jazzy!”

JJ: “Let's meet these teams, starting with LA, not to be confused with lower Alabama.”

JAZZY: “Up next we have a team who needs no introduction: Palm Beach, looking to secure a third national title!”

JJ: “And lastly…Arkadelphia? Arkadelphia?? That just shows you, Jazzy, that aerobics really is for everyone, everywhere!”



We are here to win Nationals on this stage
We’re gonna dance like we have never danced before
We are here to win Nationals on this stage
It's gonna take all that we've got to win this show


Material Girl

JAZZY: “And now all the way from out West, Los Angeles!”

JJ: “This will be their third year competing – let's hope their smaller numbers don't hurt their chances!”

DUET/SOLO: Some may say that we can't win because our team is small
But we've got moves and hot pink suits that'll blow the judges away

CONTESTANTS: Cause we have made it on to the national stage
This year we're gonna take first place
You know that we have made it onto the national stage
The gold belongs to everyone's fave (LA) 


Break My Stride

JAZZY: “Up next, everyone's favorite for another victory, Palm Beach!”

JJ: “Jazzy, those outfits are almost as blue as Palm Beach’s famous waters!”

SOLO: Today I heard the strangest thing, there's other teams competing
That's cute, but we're the A-Team

And we're here to take our place as champions

CONTESTANTS: Ain't nothing gonna break our style

Nobodys gonna slow us down
Oh no, it’s time to get this 3-peat

Who’s heard of Arkadelphia
We haven't and they won't win now, oh no

Let’s hear it up for Palm Beach


In The Air Tonight

JJ: “Before we see our final competitors, purchase 'Jumping with JJ' on VHS by calling 302-1944!”

BEAU: Meanwhile, backstage with Arkadelphia ...

SOLO: Nobody knows how much we’ve got to show
Come on girls, let’s bring this home

CONTESTANTS: We can feel a victory in the air tonight
(we can feel it, we can feel it)  
We’ve been training for this moment for all our lives
(we’ve been training, we’ve been training) 



JJ and JAZZY: “Welcome back to the competition! Up next: Our final competitors, all the way from Arkansas, Arkadelphia!”

All our lives grown up in Arkadelphia
(worked so hard for nationals)
Everyone said we wouldn't make it to the top
(working hard to get the gold)
But we worked hard, busted these moves, never stopped
(worked so hard for nationals)
Now that we're here we've got to give it all we got peace out A-Town
(working hard to get the gold)


Chicago Bulls Theme  

JJ: “The first team to leave our competition is…LA, we’re so sorry to see you go”

JAZZY: “And the winner is…it’s a tie! Can we get a rule book?”

JJ and JAZZY: “This calls for an Aerobics-off!”


It’s Tricky

JJ: “This competition's real close!” 

JAZZY: “I think it’s very vital ..."

JJ: “they show ...” 

JAZZY: “the crowd ...” 

JJ: “what they’ve got now!”

JJ and JAZZY: It’s gonna be tricky, tricky
It’s time to show you what a champion looks like, A-Town has no shot
Sit back and watch, you won’t catch up
It’s time to show you that A-Town’s got moves you can’t dream of

They’re tricky, too tricky for Palm Beach to do


The Final Countdown

JJ: “The winner is…”

JJ and JAZZY: “Arkadelphia!!”


Heaven Is A Place On Earth

JJ: “When the show had just begun, I couldn’t see anyone but Palm Beach!”

JAZZY: “Now another team has risen up and taken their place as champions!”

ALL: Ooh, JPAC, do you know what this means
Gamma Phi Aerobics just made history

We never thought it would end so soon
We’ll keep dancing once the show is through, ooh

Gamma Phi is heaven on Earth

Kappa Chi Australia

Kappa Chi


Home On The Range

Oh, this is our home
Where the crocodile roam
And the kangaroo jump roun’ all day

Where koala climb trees
And the dingo run free
Where we greet everyone with,  “G’day!”


You Ain’t

This is a land where the men are tough as cattle

This is a land where a snake can take yer life
Ya can’t be soft like an avocado
Ya must be strong like a desperado

Yee-ha! This is the outback, son

This is a land where the earth is red and dirty

This is a land where it’s tough to stay alive

This is the land where a life’s uncertain
Ya can’t be weak or you’ll soon be hurtin’

Yee-ha! This is Australia, son

'Cause we are home on the plains

‘Stralia, you are the place for me (huhhh!)


Arabian Nights

Mmmm Kappa, mmmm bop, mmmm Kappa, mmmm bop (2x)

Oh, it comes from a land, from an island offshore

Where the population is quite small
It is mean and intense
And its bite is immense

It’s carnivorous, but hey, it’s his home

We have spotted the beast, he is ready to feast

And he’s got quite an appetite
Don’t get close, move away
He’s not looking to play

That devil’s a Tasmanian fright

Tasmanian night, Tasmanian day

Even when caught, his temper is hot
And he’s set in his ways

Tasmanian eyes, they glow red and bright

A devil for sure, for us there’s no cure

Till he’s out of site


I Saw The Light

I wandered so aimless, when hunger set in

Nothin' to satisfy my painful cravin'
Then out of nowhere, like an angel in the light

Praise the lord for my vegemite

My vegemite, my vegemite
Don’t know what it is, your guess is good as mine

But I’m so happy to have it in my sight
Praise the lord for my vegemite
Praise the lord for my vegemite
Praise the lord for my vegemite



There once was a man from North Sydney

The man was called Crocodile Dundee

The winds came in, the man left town
To the Outback he would go

Oh, Crocodile Dundee
He’ll go down in history
One day when his journey is done, our hero will come home

da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da ... Huhhh


Bless The Broken Road

SOLO: I stepped out on my walkabout over a year ago
Hoping I’d find my way back home, not knowing where to go

I lost my way a time or two
But I knew I could make it through

I followed stars all through the night and made it home brand new

Whenever I lost my way
Not knowing where to go
Talking to God, I’d say
Give me just one more day

Praying along my way
That I’d return someday
This much I learned (is true)
That God blessed my walkabout and led me home brand new
That God blessed my walkabout and led me home brand new


Boho Days

This is our life (bum bum bum bum bum)

This is our life (bum bum bum bum bum)

This is our life (bum bum bum bum bum)


Shrimp is on the barbie, caught fresh off the boat

Heading to the beach to catch a wave is what he hope

Sun is always shining, so you take note
This is Australia

This is our life (bum bum bum bum bum)

This is our life (bum bum bum bum bum)

This is our life (bum bum bum bum bum)

Australia (ya ya ya)

Australia (whoa oh oh)
One more time

Australia (bum bum bum bum bum)


I Still Call Australia Home

Tonight, we took you across our great land

From red rock mountain to beaches' white sand

With pride for our nation, we sand low and high

G’day from the Kappas, the brothers of Kappa

The men of Kappa Chi

Rho Sigma Referees

Rho Sig


Blinding Lights



We R Who We R

SOLO: We are the rowdy refs
If you’re like us, then roll with us
So give us all your trust because
We get paid to mess it up


Take on Me

We don’t care about those stupid rules
We just care about the money, money, money, money
We don’t care about those stupid rules
We just care about the money, money, money, money


Tonight, Tonight

We’ve called a really, really messed up game
Fifty snaps of torcher
Every single quarter
They won’t make it to the Hall of Fame
I took away their time
And they won’t come out a winner
There’s a hold (oh well)
That’s 10 yards (it doesn’t matter)
That’s offsides (oh well)
Ha ha ha
We're making money tonight, that's right
Giving bad calls when the moment feels right
Tonight, that's right
We’ll be laughing from the center of the 50 yard line



I remember when
When referees had integrity
There was something pleasant about that time
When we called games in a fair way
Yeah, this just ain’t right
Now we’re out there
With no cares
Just throwin' flags
Chasing after those money bags
Morals so hazy


Before He Cheats

We took that flag and threw it back
At those crooked little refs in the white and black
Then he went ahead and ejected the whole team
And the crowd had our backs, 'cuz that ain’t right
Guess they won’t get paid tonight
Maybe next game they’ll think before they cheat


Some Nights

These days we wake up
Wonderin' where we went wrong
How did we lose our good name
These days we wish we could take back all my bad calls
And just throw them all away
Now we’ll get back up
And we’ll dust it off
Oh Lord, I’m still not sure
Should we stand for more
What do we stand for
What do we stand for
Fair games
I don’t know


The Show Must Go On

The show must go on
We’ll right our wrongs
Inside my mind is racing
The money is depleting
But the game is back on


All Star

Hey now
We’re the referees
Call the games fair
For the athletes
Hey there
I hope you see
That we’re doing right
For your whole team
All that money we took
Will go to charity
And scholarships



*Victory montage*



I know it sounds funny that we changed our ways
We’re not the same men we were four minutes ago
Rowdy refs, here, taking the stage
Admitting our wrongs like no tomorrow
Girls, forgive me (ah ah)
For how we treated you and your team


Thousand Miles

Look at us up here
Standing tall
Now we're making the right calls
Running down the line
Doing what's right
All the time
From the sidelines
Duhh duhh duhh (no cheaters)
Duhh duhh duh (no quiters)
Duhh duh duh now we wonder
If we could call
All these fair games
Do you think cash
Would still come our way
'Cuz we know we would get hired all the time


Student Life Sweete Shoppe

Student Life



Sweet shoppe is the place to be
We've got ice cream, we've got drinks
Sweet shoppe is the place to be
And it's our grand opening (ow) 



If you want a lollipop, then come into the candy shop

And get you something sweet, alright
Cotton candy, caramel corn, jellybeans

It's sweets galore as customers wait at the door
Serving up the floats, shakes and the cones

We'll work our fingers to the bone
Give us just a minute to clean up

We're almost finished

We can't wait to open up the store
We work at the sweet shoppe

And we all love our job
With work at the sweet shoppe, fun times never stop 


Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

Happy days are at the sweet shoppe

While we're here and all together, stocking candy while we clean up

It will look so neat and clean for everyone who gets in line

We should open right on time 



While we're here, stocking shelves before we open, | get a little craving
And I think of all the milkshakes that I'll make

And my self-control starts caving
With that candy everywhere, smell of sugar in the air
My tummy grumbles more as I look across the store
Gotta have some ice cream
Chocolate or cookies and cream
Oh, hand me a cone or I'm just gonna scream

I need ice cream


Pour Some Sugar on Me  

Looking at this candy is just more than we can take
We need a little taste to keep us awake
A little bit of energy to pep us right up
Take that extra shake and pass me the cup

Drink up
Drink up

Take some candy
Eat it up
A little sugar
Just can't hurt

Too much sugar in me
Think I'm gonna fall
Too much sugar in me
It's all catching up
All this sugar has me
Fading fast

It happened in a flash
Hit by a sugar crash


9 to 5

No time to lose time to kick it into high gear
We might have crashed but now we have no fear
We'll hop right up and bring this store to life 

Clean up our trash and turn on the lights
The sugar crash put up a good fight
But opening day will happen either way

Now its ten oh five
And that line is surely growing
'Cause it's ten oh five
We should already be open
We won't lose our mind

Now we're ready to get going 

It’s opening day, so open up the way 


Perfect Day

Customers are pouring in
Let the work begin
Time to toughen up our skin

We're on the clock
Worked so hard but we're still shocked
That we pulled this off
In so little time

On our opening day, nothing can stand in the way
On our opening day, we've waited for so long
It's our opening day, taking orders with a smile
Work all day to serve our customers
On our opening day 

A sugar crash has nothing on us
Knocked us down, but we got back up
Student life opened our sweet shop
Without each other, we wouldn’t have our

Opening day
Our opening day
Our opening day

Tri Chi Rocks

Tri Chi


I Wanna Rock

I am a rock (rock)
Tri Chi rocks (rock)
I am a rock (rock)
Tri Chi rocks (rock) 

“Rocks? Seriously? This show is as dumb as a rock.” 



What are we now? What are we now
Are we just rocks that you don’t want around
Rock bottom again, rock bottom again 

You cast us aside, you think we won’t mind
You kick us around every day every night
Rock bottom again, rock bottom again

“No! Look at all we’ve done. We’re worth more than this”


Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

I think I might have found the one
And now that senior year has just begun
I got a big rock in my hand
I think it’s probably time to pop the question

I’m sitting on the rock at DeGray
Watching the rocks skip away
We’re sitting on the rock at DeGray
What do you say


Rocky Mountain High

She was born as a rock, but she had a lot of fear
She wanted to be a part of Mount Rushmore
She didn’t want Yosemite, or the Grand Canyon
You might say she knew she could amount to more 

But the most important rocks of Tri Chi
We know no rock will ever be left behind
In a volcano or national park, we all have our place to shine
No rock left behind 


Rocky Theme

"All right, Rocky fans! It’s time for the showdown of the century. In this corner we have Goliath, a Philistine giant and champion, coming in at six cubits and a span. And in this corner we have David, a small shepherd boy, coming in with… a lot of faith. Let’s cheer them on!"


Free Bird

Now we don’t wanna change
Watch out, falling rock 


More than a Feeling 

So many rocks have come and gone
They weather away as the years roll by
And I still recall Tri Chi’s from beyond
And we have rocked on since 1989 

More than just rocks (more than just rocks)
Whatever everyone else will say (more than just rocks)
They might take us for granite (more than just rocks)
But Tri Chi rocks are here to stay


On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand

Here we are the rocks of TC
My sisters are all that I need
And we’ll be rocks for eternity 


Party Rock Anthem

Tri Chi Rocks are in JPAC tonight
And our sisters are feeling alright
Igneous and Sedimentary
We all know that we just
Rocked that

Next Steps