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Tiger Tunes Lyrics


Welcome to the show, Beta Dojo,
Me and my bros hanging out breakin’ boards all day
We’ll take the stage, get second place,
Everybody knows Beta boys don’t play
Beta Beta Dojo,
Beta Beta Dojo

We’re the top dogs here and one thing we know,
Black belts are gonna run the show
Most times we win, WAIT NO, we don’t lose
We’ll stay on top, it’s what we do

It might be nice sittin’ up on top
But the higher you climb, the further you drop
We’re the gold belts and that might be true
But we’re scheming to take that belt from you

Well, we’re the white belts and we never get a chance
To earn our spot in this place, that’s

Life in the dojo, we stay trainin’ all the time
And when we go home it’s moped flyin’ right down Pine

If one more gold belt tries to stop me,
It’s gon’ be a KO on sparring day you got me, huh huh
You don’t want no problem, y'all too easy to beat, huh
You don’t want no problem, y'all too easy to beat,
If I’m being honest of the Betas, we the alphas and on sparring day
You’re gonna learn to never doubt us

Sparring day yeah,
It’s real high stakes and I love the way they think you’re cooler than me
We’re lifting weights while, they’re taking breaks
And they’re gonna regret thinking they’re cooler than me

We all know we’re gonna lose why are we here?
We just get hit in the face, every year, every year
Yeah, we’re small and that ain’t a surprise,
But I need you to get some fire in your eyes

So, we’ll stay stay training late, training in a dojo
I, I see they think we’re down for the count,
But best believe that we won’t get knocked out
If we stay stay working late, training in a dojo
Trust me boys, you’ll see we’re gonna make dojo history

"Ladies, and gentleman, welcome to sparring day we have a great show for you. Let’s talk about real contenders first. Absolutely as usual, the black and gold belts are looking pumped for this competition. They are confident, well-seasoned groups with endless potential. I’ve heard rumors some contenders are handed a mandatory waiver before fighting these guys, bob."

"Word just in, the white belts will be competing tonight and what a long night they’re going to have. Their captain Tommy was literally seen throwing up five minutes ago."

Kick too hard, don’t stand too close,
Might get knocked out on sparring day
We got the belt.
We’re up next.
Don’t count us out on sparring day

Do we know the rules, good clean fight, best man wins on sparring day?

Yeah, we know the rules, good clean fight,
Best man wins on sparring day

Are you ready for, ready for...
Someone to hit the floor, hit the floor...
Cuz now it’s time, now it’s time...
And there’s no going back

I got my black belt taken away, and somehow, I’m not mad...
Did anyone else see that roundhouse, you’ve gotta teach me that,
Can I make a suggestion? (I guess)
Maybe these belts just aren’t for us...
Come Monday we’ll be one group
And these belts won’t tell us who we are
No wonder there’s division these silly belts are tearing us apart...
So let’s throw them away and let all of this madness be done...
And we’ll be the same as we were in 1941...

And now we’re swingin’ and sliding and moving to the music,
Show-stoppin’ and rockin’
So, clap along and sing, HEY,
Man this is a happy dojo,
Check out these pearly whites
Sensei Brune always tells us,
these are the brothers and moments that we’ll cherish ‘till we die...
Till we die


We are the choir
We are the choir of this old church
Wearing robes
We stand together to worship him

Hey, hey, hey
We get up bright and early
At the church 6:30
You are all invited
So gon’ and get to praisin’
Go praise the Son in heaven, go praise His name
Turn around and greet your choir family, shake their hands
We keep things nice and easy
Singing all the oldies (old)
No room for that new stuff
All these hymns so holy
We got Jesus. Do you want Him? Come and get Him if you wanna
We got Jesus. Do you want Him? Come and get Him if you wanna
Stand in the risers now
The Spirit’s getting busy in it
Stickin to the basics
We don’t want that modern music
You deserve it Jesus, you deserve it all
We’re going to sing to you
With choir robes to the floor
We don’t need anything more
Don’t dare forget that’s what we like, that’s what we like

Now, that is a choir obsessed with the sound
Of old music they found we weren’t around
We’d like to break apart
And start something fresh
We’re starting a worship band, that choir is a mess
In my skinny jeans and wide brimmed hat
We’ll sing our own songs now we’re up to bat
Yelling long bridges, acting all cool
It’s us against the choir, call it a duel

Choirs sing, no need for a band
We were cool but they left in the end
Wah wah
Now that they’re gone
But we don’t want to change
That’s not what choir’s do
But I guess they’re gonna praise that way
Now that they’re gone
So to the Lord we pray
How can we sing without them
Yeah, we really wish they would stay
But now they are gone
Everyone is leaving
We need to find someone new
Maybe then our songs can go on

Don’t sing while we’re apart
I won’t, you’re not at my side
Oh, baby this seems so helpless
We could give it a try

You expect us to just let you quit it
What will you do if nobody likes it?
All we can do is try, we have a chance
What’s the problem old choir, y'all don’t wanna dance?
We’ll be the first to admit it
You’re too old school, you could never get with it
You came from our world, now you wanna split
Yo, I’m tired of talking, let’s just dance for a minute
Ridiculous girl, we know who you are
You’re from the choir, and you’re scared of guitars
Ridiculous boy, you’re teasing her
You’re in the band, whatta a sly amateur

We need to make a change
For the Church’s life
This fighting is no good
Y’all aren’t very different
Don’t you see I’m right
That’s why I need y'all to know
We are the ones who were bitter
We realized that we needed to change
And we can always start to sing together
It don’t matter how you worship, either way
We can come together and praise his name

Uh-huh huh huhhhh
Let us tell y'all now
When we were all by ourselves, we didn’t want y'all around
But then we realized pretty soon, it would bring us down
Then the preacher said something good, he told us who it was for
Jesus deserves all the praise, everything and more
Oh, Jesus, gave us a second chance
To show us that He loves us
We have all the joy here in our hearts
Oh, choir, we thought we had to be apart (be apart, choir)
But now we know that we can just restart
He got us back
Yes, he did now
Oh, oh, baby
He got us back


We just want to get away from our everyday noise
And we just need to escape to the great outdoors
We’re going to go camping, woah
It sounds so enchanting, woah
We’re going to go camping, woah
It’s going to feel good!

We’re at our destination, we have the right supplies
Ready for this vacation, ready for a surprise.
An animal encounter could be just what we came here for
We’ll see what’s in store
Hiking up the trail, to hear the breeze flow through the trees
Is the only sound we really want to hear
Here there’s furry friends that’s not my neighbors big Maltese
We’re just ready for peace to be found

Where’s our firewood
We left our firewood back in our town
Oh no
We were just so ready to get out of those sounds
Maybe we were in a rush
Yeah, yeah
Hey was that my stomach or something in the brush
We’ve also forgot all of our food
But this trips not shot, let’s work hard to pull us through
Let’s go out and find some berries. We will bring in all that we can carry
Get some sticks so we’re not shiv’ry
We don’t want to freeze throughout the night
Let’s create our campsite

Hey Chi Del-TA
You might want to step around
That bush with fuzzy leaves
Because they’ll make you sneeze
And did you know those berries
Are poisonous with all their pointy leaves
Look out! Watch out! Look out! Watch out!

Got all the kindling (Got all the kindling)
Got all the berries (Got all the berries)
Without your advice
We could’ve died (Yikes)
Now we’ve got everything
Let’s pitch our tent, don’t forget to stake it in the ground
Spark a fire with some flint we found all around
Grab the tarp, strap it up, in case it rains
To make this work we just really have to use our brains
Woah, oh, oh, nah, nah, nah, oh, oh, oh, nah, nah, nah
Woah, oh, oh, nah, nah, nah, oh, oh, oh, nah, nah, nah

We just saved our lives, now we’re all believers
There is no, doubt in our mind
We will survive, working together
Everything’s better with you by my side
Oh no
Oh no

Oh sister, sister, how were we supposed to know
That there were bears on site yeah
Oh sister, sister, you know I am not a pro
We’ll just rebuild our site, yeah
This trip is not what we had in mind
Is this a sign?
Hit me nature one more time

You pretty ladies just lose your hopes
Got a sad thing to tell you, pack your bags and run on home
Left your food, your water, and your kindling too
You do not know of the things we could bring to all of you

You guys think we have no chance
But you just don’t know how we advance
Chi Delta’s have all the power
Chi D’s have all the power
You guys think we have no chance
But you just don’t know how we advance
Chi Delta’s got all the power
Yeah we’ve got all the power

Aw yeah
Don’t believe us just watch
Don’t believe us just watch
Don’t believe us just watch
This camping trip’s been squashed
Chi D’s always topnotch
Oh, oh, oh, oh, stop

We had a real good time getting out of town
There’s a lot of calming rhythm going ‘round
We beat our slump, but came across a bump
We bared the woods, who knew we could
The threats were dire, but we made a fire
Went on a hike, didn’t pick the spikes
We met a bear, gave us a scare
Let’s pack our gear
See you all next year


Found them like three months ago
But they’re better than we dreamt
Reading fics and making art (Fan Art!)
Just to show how much we love them
I said, “When will the next concert be?”
They said, “Tickets come out soon, you’ll see”
And we live our life, as the best fans ever
Their songs make us cry, no one else is better
At a show, yeah you know, that we’re there whenever
Cause we live our life, as the best fans ever
I think it went oh my gosh!
I think it went ah ah ah!
I think it goes —


I’ve waited a month and they’re now on sale!
Saved up for tickets so I shouldn’t fail
I simply have to get these tickets today
And if you wanna know why I’m still waiting, it’s to hear them play
Don’t you know I want tickets, more than any other fan
Definitely gonna get them, so I can see the best boy band
I want tickets, and I’m almost there
Signing on the dotted line, and now I’m done with time to spare
I’ve got tickets!
Yeah yeah!

We have to buy fan merch!
We have to buy fan merch!

I need that shirt I need that one
Need it by the hour
I’ll spend all my money for one
Shirt to show my power
If I can just get this shirt
Then I will be complete
Cause that means I’ll wear it first
And then I will succeed!

I’m just a new fan
I need some band merch
I want to look cute
I got this tee shirt

To buy fan merch
Time to buy fan merch
To buy fan merch
Time to buy fan merch!

Wear something cool, no time to play
Cause we don’t get this everyday
Say, here is our fan merch
Say, say, say here is our fan merch!
You’ve gotta see it!
Say here’s our cool fan merch!
Come see the concert with us, it’ll be fetch!

Uh oh oh oh oh!
Uh oh oh oh oh!

Made it out, now we hide
Just in time to play tonight

Want some alone time

What you know, what you see
Man we’re not just from T.V.

What’d they say this time?

Yeah we live it up
But it’s not all fun
We can’t live that much when we’re on the run
But we love our fans, yeah it ain't no lie
They’re the only ones we have
So we gotta love them big time!

They are here! Get em!!!

Gotta get the band!
Why do they keep on running?
We’ll run till we can’t stand!
Why do they keep on running?
We can’t let them escape!

The fans just keep on coming

They’re getting away!
Why do they keep on running??
Why do they keep on running?

We’ll never catch them before their concert has to start
And we’ll never get some pictures with them, and it breaks our hearts

And we’ve just let the Backstreet Beaus, slip out, of this crowd
Where’d they go, I don’t know
They’re gone to start the show
And we’ve lost the Backstreet Beaus
Who’s taking them from us?

We’ve been saving them for this whole tour

As security guards we’re strong
We’re unbreakable!

Ha ha!

It’s undoubtable
And now the band is safe backstage from the peril now

Peril now

Peril peril peril peril

Fangirls thought they got past the guards
But they should’ve known they thought wrong
We’re security


Strong security!

As security guards we’re strong!
And we took their cutouts too
And the concert starts in


Welcome to the show
Hope you really liked the ride, really liked the ride oh oh
Sing till we can’t speak
Yeah we will always be fangirls
Listen to them play
How they make us wanna cry, make us wanna cry
Always in our hearts
Yeah we will always be fangirls


It’s a decade like you’ve never seen
E’s are on stage, making history
It’s a show... you don’t want to miss,
And it goes like this:
It’s the twenties
It’s the twenties
Roaring twenties!
Yeah! It’s the twenties!

Thank goodness the Great War is over... we’ll never go to war again!!

Oh, everybody! Red black and white, feathers is our hair
We’re showgirls, we have a show, that we wanna share
We are flappers
We are flappers
We’re gonna make it big
In show-biz
Let’s get to it
We can do it!

Okay girls, time for solo auditions!

We need somebody who can sing a solo

I can sing highest and longest, it’s true! Yes I can!

No, you can’t.

Yes, I can!!

No, you can’t!

Yes, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I CA-A-A-A-N!

Ooh, baby, will you put on our show?
We need a theater to not say no!

All of these theaters are out of their minds
They all said “no” yeah they’re really unkind
They all said no, no no no no no (oooh)
We’ll ask you once more, before we walk out the door
Put on our show

This show’s all we got
Won’t throw away our shot
This show’s all we got
Won’t throw away our shot

What do you think, Tiger Tunes? Are you ready?

All that we know is that this is our dream...
we’re gonna make it to the top
Now’s our time, it’s the flappers’ decade...
... this show is our shot!
We won’t quit until our show is on stage,
We’re gonna dance until we drop
Now’s our time, it’s the flappers’ decade... right now’s all we got

What you want, we’ve got
We’ll put your show on stage, girls
It’ll be all the rage, girls
Everyone will know your name, yeah yeah
So go practice girls, rehearsal starts tomorrow
They don’t need to know we’ll “borrow”
All their money, you see
Oh yeah, they won’t know
They’ll NEVER put on their show!

Thank goodness the influenza pandemic is over... no
way we’ll ever have a pandemic like that again!!

Get your dancing shoes, we’ve got a show to prepare
It’s the bee’s knees and we can’t wait to share
When the flappers get to dancin’, the rest of the world disappears

It’s the nineteen twenties, dancing is all we do
Plus we get to vote now... so that’s pretty cool
This decade’s all
We could dream of, and then some, too!
That’s the truth
SO hotsy totsy!! (Ow oww)
The best you’ll ever see (That’s right)
Still going strong, 96 years long

It’s my time to speak out
Listen, I have no doubt
Those guys are using our show
Stealing all the money
And acting like it’s funny
So I say (so she’ll say)
That this ends today

We’re more than mere flappers, we stand for what’s right
We have been right here since 1925
These letters will last for the decades to come
EEE’s are the ones I’ll always love
So, we’ll take a stand
Hand in hand
It’s time to go
And save our show

Ahh, ahh, ahh
Ahh, ahh, ahh ahh
Ever since this show began
We knew that we would give it all that we can
And now it’s time to shake and shimmy - ‘cause it’s the twenties again!!
In 1925
A legacy was born that we uphold
They can try to take the flappers down but— now they know
That you cannot stop the EEE’s
from putting on their show
‘Cause you can't stop the E’s
The Roaring Twenties
You can’t stop the E’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aye! I didn’t see ya there lassies!
I suppose ya wonderin what us vikings
are doin in this part of the Caddo!
Ya see, some nasty old red vikings pushed us out of our home! Hopefully
we can find a home in
6 minutes or less!

Forty days a rovin still haven't found a home
Forty days a rovin but we don’t feel alone
We have our viking bros, but where to go we don’t know
Forty days a rovin but we’ll put on a good show

Hey Hey
When we sail on by, we look so good don’t have to try
We rule the seas
Arms so strong, you’ll wanna squeeze (yeah)
But we kinda smell, haven't had a bath and you can tell Its viking with an ING
Sea don't rock us, we rock the sea (ya)

Just look at those arms
And don’t be alarmed
Just look at those arms
Uh-huh we workout

When we finally find a home, this is what we’ll do
We’ll finally take a shower and we'll woo you
We got axes in our hands and we ain't afraid to swing em
Swing em swing em swing em
We’re vikings and we know it

You aint heard? Ocean women do it better!
(Nooooo say it aint so)
So cool you need a sweater baby
My voice so smooth, you’ll wanna listen to every note boy
Better dive in

Better watch yourself we might drown you boys
Stay here with us, we got what you need
Here in the ocean, we sure got the means
Men try to go, but we never let them leave

Step in the sea, oh, oh, baby

We’re a whole lotta mermaid
(From the way we flop and toss our fin)
We’re a whole lotta mermaid
(From the way that we sing and we make your head spin)
We’re a whole lotta mermaid
(Any viking we see, we want, we get)
We’re the queens of the sea and you'll never want to leave, yeah
Oh hey, bye bye bye, BYE BYE

No, we ain’t gonna fool for you
Just another fish in the ocean blue
You almost got us but we choose our bros now we got to go BYE BYE

I reflect on what I cho-ose
Mermaids over all my bro-os
I forgot the viking code
Let’s go, find a home

Cause we are Vikings
And we’re Looking for land (looking for land)
Well those mermaids, they can find a mer-man (Find a mer-man)


Forty plus days we’ve been sailing around
Round the whole world but now we think we’ve found
A place that we can

The grass is green and the fruit is plenty
Not a single bad thing that we can see
We can finally say that

Hey hey you you we really want this island
No way no way you just took our old one
Hey hey you you we’re not goin anywhere

Its Goin down, now swing your axes
We’re gonna fight, for our island
Let’s start this fight, let's take our places
Eta Vikings, AO YOU KNOW!!

Look around the land, it's a boat, it's a man
Nah it's just vikings and we got a plan
We’ve been searching, for way to long
Gonna push em out of here by the end of this song
They really thought that we were bluffin

Swing our axes so hard, they runnin
We can settle down here, cause this is our home now

A-A-O you know A-A-O you know A-A-O you know A-A-O you know
A-A-O you know A-A-O you know A-A-O you know A-A-O you know

But if you look around
Weren't the troubles worth the homeland that we found
And now we really can
Take a shower and we’ll smell like better men
We’ve learned to fight and help each other
Most importantly we did it with our brothers

With the greenery all around, the lassies had one final question!
What do we call it!?! Iceland!


We’re Gamma’s Angels
Gamma is our man
He gives us missions
We do what we can
Angels were meant to fly
We will beat the bad guys
Gamma knows, we’ll do it right
Undercover or in disguise

Good morning Gamma!
Good morning Angels! It’s time to get ready.
It looks like we’re back in business.

Angels are back!
Back in business
Gone for a little bit
But we’re here to stay
Angels are back!

Angels, it seems that the crooks have kidnapped the president.
Well, the president of OBU.
Ben Sells.
You’ll need to find the key and rescue him. Good luck, Angels.

Oh no, no!
Oh, no, no, no, no!
Took the president and then they locked him up.
Hey, look the key is in that guard’s pocket
We need to get that key so we can save his life
Be careful girls, make sure to stay out of sight!
Oh, we need the key to save his life
Yeah, we need the key to save his life
So, let’s goooo,
We can save you, Sells!

C’mon sir you’re free now.
You’ve been locked in this prison,
Far too long.
Far too long.
Congratulations angels! You’ve successfully finished your
Mission and saved Dr.Sells.
Is that a bomb?

We came home, and thought we were done
But Gamma says that there’s a bomb in HQ
Oh, Gamma sir you know you called the right ones!
Cause’ Angels will get the job done.
Oh, Angels will get the job done!

They thought a little explosion could stop us.
We’re Gamma’s Angels, no challenge is too tough
We’ll handle this like we handle most things.
We’ll earn our stripes just like we earned our wings.
Blue wire? I’ll cut it.
Red wire? I’ll cut it
Green wire? I’ll cut it.
Yellow wire? I’ll cut it.
We stopped the bomb
The angels have got it.
See a problem, we’ll stop it.
The angels have got it

Angels, while you were defusing the bomb, three of our own were taken.
Go get ‘em girls.

We made a bomb and stole their girls!
Distracted them and took their girls away
They can search around the whole wide world.
They’ll never find them, these angels are here to stay.

We’ve been training for this day
And we won’t run away
‘Til our angels are home safe, mmm-hmm
We’re gonna save the day, mmm-hmm
Cause we keep fighting,
Can’t stop won’t stop searching
Until we have our angels, safe and sound
But ‘til then it’s going down

All the Angels will fight, fight, fight, fight, fight
‘Til our girls are alright, right, right, right, right
The crooks will run away, way, way, way
We saved the day, saved the day

Good job angels, you have successfully defeated the crooks.
I’m so proud of you.

Remember those crooks we fought?
Well, we’ve defeated them now
We put up a really good fight
Cause we’re the toughest girls around.
The angels will keep you safe
Always on your side, no doubt
We worked hard to earn our halos
We’re all angels now
We saved the president
Kept the bomb from exploding
Brought our angels back home safe
We’re finished with our missions now

We made Gamma really proud, We never fail to save the day
We worked hard to earn our halos, The angels are here to stay
Welcome home, Angels! We sure have missed you.


Just some Pharmacists, waiting to fill bottles!
Another long day, with all these meds for people!
More drugs to make, and no time to make mistakes!
Rest can wait until we’re through with all these bottles!
We’ll send a text to you when we’re through!
We’ll send a text to you when we’re through!
We hope you're happy with our...
We hope you're happy with our...
We hope you're happy with our...
Meds up in this bottle!

“Karen, your medicine is ready!”

We’re here to make YOUR medicine
YOUR medicine is what we make!
Oh, Oh, Oh!
Step right Up, to get YOUR Medicine,
YOUR medicine is what we make!

We are just tryna get our MEDS.
We are just tryna get our MEDS.
You know, Were just normal people
Getting over all these diseases
And we’re never gonna get
these MEDS!

I’ve been waiting in this line for two hours.
They tried to tell me that they won’t be long and look at ‘em now.
I’m dying over here and now I’m waiting for the bill
And I’ve been sitting in this line now with grandma behind me.
I gotta get outta here!!

A mouthful of food makes the stress go away,
The stress go away, the stress go away.
Just a mouthful of food makes the stress go away.
Stress from all these lines of people!

When the doctors make a new vaccine
We vaccinate with urgency
We work out on the front lines
Distributing all of your supplies
When there’s an illness in the air
And you need quality healthcare
Just remember to come on by
And see the men of Kappa Chi
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
Just keep filling, filling, filling
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
It’s our mission, mission, mission
Doctors orders, we’re on the job,
All day long, we’re in the shop
Come in with your bad afflictions,
Come see us for your prescriptions
Sometimes the days are long and tough
We’re people too, sure enough!
But it’s to help all kinds of people
With pills and bottles and pins and needles
‘Cause we’re healthcare heroes, oh yeah
And that’s a fact, oh yeah
We’re healthcare heroes, oh yeah
Were fightin back, oh yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Heard there’s a new bug in town
A nasty one that’s goin’ round
We know how to do the job
Come on in,

We’re on the clock
We’re healthcare heroes (oh- yeah)
And that's a fact (oh-yeah)
We’re healthcare heroes (oh-yeah)
We're fightin back, oh-yeah
Yeah- Yeah, (oh-yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

When the sun goes slowly down
People starting to walk away
We work hard just to keep you safe.
Day is done, we can’t wait to go home.
Take our coats off and close up shop
Another day is around the block.

Feel your blood running, that’s your heart pumping
You know that we are here for you
You seem glad that we have your bags full of all the things you need,
But you will have to read it and see

Just keep bringing and bringing and bringing and bringing
All your other needs, keep on bringing
Just Keep bringing and bringing and bringing and bringing
We can’t wait to see you!
We can guarantee you,
Better feeling
Goodbye from the MEN OF KAPPA CHI


Oh, here we go
Welcome to the show
C’mon, let’s go
Lets go to the rodeo

The Redshirts have arrived and we’re gonna steal the show
Over 700 days since you last heard our flow
We know you’re excited that Tiger Tunes is back
So let the Rho Sigs show you why we got the best tracks

Hey girl you going to the rodeo?
It just so happens that I’m in the show
So if you got nobody to cheer for
You can cheer for me
I’ve been thinking bout this all week long
Ever since I laid my eyes on you
I can’t believe how good you look tonight
So let me be your man
Where you going?
Why you leaving?
You’re leaving me for him?
Oh it’s on now I’m gonna show you
Why you should be with me

Horses saddled
And the boys getting ready
Getting ready to put on a show
We’re getting excited
For the race that’s gonna happen
You can feel the tension in the air
They’re on their horse
Ready for the countdown
3,2,1 there they go
Ain’t nobody fooled
With them trying to act cool
We know how bad they want it
They want to
Win this race. Win this race
Win this race. Win this race

Round and round the track he goes
Who’s gonna catch the pig nobody knows
Cmon, cmon, let’s catch the pig
He’s a little fast one that’s for sure
But we gotta catch him now to get the girls
Cmon, cmon, let’s catch the pig
Oh, are you ready girls?
Oh, we’re gonna catch him now
Gotta grab the pig, gotta grab him now
Let’s get rowdy
Gotta grab the pig, gotta grab him now
Let’s get rowdy

Excuse me guys
I heard you fightin
Over girls
That probably dont like you
So what now
Maybe I can help you
But be warned
I might wanna tell you
I'm a country bull
I’m rockin 4 hoof drive
Climb on my back and I’ll take you for a ride
Around the track, we will go
Let’s show the girls who runs the show
Cus I’m a country bull

Gotta get down, gotta get down to the rodeo
Havin so much fun we’ll probably even get kicked out of school
All the boys and the sweethearts sure know how to say YEE HAW
Gotta get down, gotta get down to the rodeo

We are the winners, my brothers
We got the girls now and each other
We are the winners, we are the winner

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be bad guys
We’re sorry that we cheated in the games
Hope you forgive us because that was so lame
Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be bad guys
We promise we’ll never ever cheat again
So hopefully you except us with love

Makin our way into town
Gas pedal down, can’t be late to the rodeo
Staring happily ahead
Just moving our way
So we can get a seat in the crowd
We’ve been waiting
For this all year

And now we wonder
What can be more fun than this
Being here, all as friends
Cus we know we’d walk a thousand miles
So we can be Rho Sigs
For life


Get on the bus we’re on our way to scout camp
Our bags are packed and all our spirits bright
Don’t get us lost driver we’re on a schedule
Gotta make it before sunset turns to night

We’re so excited, gonna earn our badges
Gonna be a full-fledged scout we’re gonna take some action
We’re so excited, Gonna stand united
Working as a team we’ll prove that we deserve it

We’re so excited, jump around we can’t sit
Heading to the campsite gonna learn how to pitch a tent
We’re so excited, now I’m feeling nauseous
Does anybody have a bag I just might vomit.

Welcome to scout camp we don’t mess around
To achieve your goals we all must crackdown
You will each have a task do it well you will pass
And you’ll get to graduate.

We will each have a task, do it well we will pass
Earn our badge
Earn our badge
Earn our badge and graduate

Now that you’re at scout camp
There is much to do
All your sashes are bare now
But they’ll be full when we’re through

Each troop will have a different task
Yes troop 1, troop 2 and 3,
Can you do it?
We will just wait and see

We’re gonna have to catch a fish
A big one to impress them

We have to build a fire on our own
Even with binoculars, I don’t know if we can spot all these birds
Can we all complete our tasks and earn our badge?
*Be a scout*

We can push through if we work together
*be a scout*

Use what we know and we will pull through
*be a scout*

These challenges they will make us better
C’mon scouts! We still have much to do
All you scouts around the camp you know we have a job to do

Tighten up your belts, pull up your socks, tie your shoes
If you’re feeling scared don’t worry wipe the sweat off of your brow

Representing all our troops
We will salute
Attention, Salute
Attention, Salute
Attention, huh
Representing all our troops we will salute

Scouts, this is your chance. To finish your tasks with diligence,
And prove that you can graduate from scout camp.
Reel in your fish, spark your flame, and spot. Those. birds.

Now we’ve finished all our tasks and earned our badge.

You have blown us away
We are so amazed
From your tasks you have never strayed

You all worked with one another
Through problems and through trouble
And so we can stand and say

All the scouts can graduate
Take your badge don’t hesitate
Wear your sash and celebrate
The feeling of being a scout

All our work has paid off
We showed them what we’re made of
We’re never gonna slack off
Now that we know

Even in the hot sun
Or in a winter tundra
With some help and stamina
Our skills we can show

We can graduate now
Mom and dad will be so proud
We showed them all that we know how
To stay true and be a scout

Through the long days and nights
Quitting sounded really nice
But when the goings tough
And when the road is rough

I will still have you
You will still have me we are the scouts
Never will we leave
No matter where we’ll be

I will still have you
You will still have me we are the scouts
Never will we leave
No matter where we’ll be we’re always scouts


Hey mom can I invite a few friends over for a sleepover?

Sure honey but only a few!

Hey wanna come over for a sleepover?

A sleepover?!


Let's go girls!
Tri Chi

We’re hangin’ out tonight
We’re feelin' pretty fine
It's a Tri Chi sleepover
Were gonna have some fun
Just doin’ what we love
Singing and dancin’ around

Mom: I'm ordering pizza!! What do y'all want??

Hey girls tell me what you want, what you’re wantin’ really bad
We want cheese and pepperoni and all them good toppins
I wanna, (ha) she wanna, (ha) they wanna, (ha) we wanna, (ha)
We really, really, really gotta eat some pizzaahh
Hey when’s this pizza comin?

Then the doorbell rings, We cannot believe
Pizza’s here, it's time, hot and ready, tonight!
Don't know why, we get this feeling inside?
Pizza boy? So cute? Now we’re really freaking out!

I clocked into work that night around 8 o’clock
I got a call for a pizza delivery
But I knew this just wasn’t any ordinary delivery...
This pizza was for the
Women of Tri Chi

Delivery boooy, come back please
Our eyes met and sparks flew instantly
Pizza boy, I’m in love
With the pie or you I don't know whoooo?

That pizza was so gooood
I’d marry him for coooooking
That delivery boy he,
Could get me, ring by spring!
Maybe he lives in flippin dorms
Room 210 it’s such a wreck
We couldn’t care less
That pizza was so good

I think he might like me, that delivery boy It’s me!
no me!
no me!
no me!
no me!
no me!
All this pie, it drives me crazy
We’ve never seen a boy this dreamy
This boy he’s all in my head
Driving his moped all over town

Girls it's time to go to bed!

Should we invite him to church on Sunday?
Fall in love and get lunch
Him and I, together we could
Eat Pizza a whole bunch
Gee, I kinda think I like him
I mean I just might love him
I’ll tell him tonight and we’ll elope

Standing there, and I look at him
He is just the boy I’ve been waiting for
I wish I could say this is my real life
But he’s just the boy I've been dreaming about tonight
I hate that this boy is always on my mind, but I
I couldn't stay away I tried to fight it
And I hoped that it wasn’t just the pizza toppings
But that I truly liked

Lets get that boy out out of our minds
And just hang out tonight
We don't need boys just our sisters
Cause they’re our friends forever
And we’ll always be together

Oh Tri Chi
Sleepovers with you are so much fun fun fun
We love Tiger Tunes and hope y'all loved our show
and now it's just that time for us to go .......


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